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Title – Parchandi, Producer – Shivanand KP, Direction – Zoom Ravi, Music  - Vinay Rangdol, Cinematography – Raj Kadur, Cast – Mahesh Devu, Kalpana, Kuri Ranga, Nethra, Shobaraj, Vasudeva Murthy and others.
We have heard of ‘Chandi Hata’ by children. In this case of family story in ‘Parchandi’ all the members are filled with such attitude to create tug of war. Especially hero and heroine doing ‘Hata’ (persist or defend) is coined for the film as ‘Parchandi’. Set in the rural background of 1950’s the language used in this film is also ‘Khadak’ – the vociferous inmates attitudes are also described in eight fights by Zoom Ravi in his first film.

Zoom Ravi has brought in eight action portions that are very natural and two songs in this film. However it was one and half year running around for Zoom Ravi director of this film.

Set in the interiors of Mysuru-Kollegala, this is a love story. A strong youth Amase (Mahesh Devu) was born on ‘Amavasye’ day. He can take on 10 who attack him. This is what interesting for Lakshmi the village chieftain daughter.

The honesty, simplicity and helping nature of Amase are to the notice of Lakshmi. As expected Lakshmi father Shobaraj oppose to this love. Another match is looked for Lakshmi. It is time for the lovers to run away from the village. The destiny has something else in store.

The gory is something blood curdling when Shobaraj gang attack Amase severely and put him in a river tying his hands. Looking at this Lakshmi oppose extremely. She faces the wrath from her father. The lovers unite in death.

It is raw and rugged. The locations selected by Zoom Ravi and producer KP Shivanand immaculately match the story of the film. The rural diction of Kannada is utilized well.

Mahesh Devu has done very hard job for this film, Kalpana from TV to cinema in a full fledge heroine with just one cotton saree as costume has given natural performance.

The cinematography has captured the natural locations very well. Vinay in music has given average results.
This is a film with harsh realities. How the innocent is punished instead of parsing him. 
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