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Posted date: 27/June/2009

The biggest problem of this phillum is the length. The protracted style of narration is not impressive. Time is precious; time is money is what director Madesh has to understand. The issue of hallucination touched in this film ‘Bramanirasana’ is quite OK but it should have been cut short. This is quite different for Yogish and he proves again that he is on his way to become a mass hero. The desi heroine Pragna shines in front of imported heroine Udayatara. Anoop Seelin gives three pretty tunes and the Loose Madha….song he has sung is top of the chart.

The first half of the film moves in a flashback narration where everything looks to be usual and the same proceedings are unusual – that means whatever scenes we have seen is the dream of the hero. It is only on two occasions he had met Aishwarya (Udayatara) with Bipasha (Pragna) on his side always trying to appease him.

On knowing that his fiancé is engaged the protagonist Ashok goes berserk. Ashok tries to kill himself piercing a glass piece but he is saved. After recouping Akash pretends that he does not know Aishwarya is what irks her now. Akash goes cool but the parents of Akash are worried now and in the house of Aishwarya her father is shocked because the one who saved him is Akash from virtual death.

Yogish has picked the right film for his image and he is cool. The dialogue delivery is also well measured. Pragna as Bipasha and proving to be real Bips at least 20 percent provides very lively moments on the screen. Looks, Lips Nanna Library exchange madkollana…Pragna says gives her whistle. The single role of Rangayana Raghu is difficult to sustain now a days for the monotony but in this film it is triple torture. There is a pretty good role for Jai Jagdeesh. As the caring father he comes close to the hearts.

Sundara Sundara Nee…Nandhe Yee Loka Swalpa athirekha Preethi Nalapaka Loose Madha song.. title songs are good. The cinematography by Veenus Murthy is also impressive.

A film for the fans of Yogish! Cut off the half an hour length and tighten the inconsequential scenes then it is work a dekko!

Preethse Preethse is partly Saise Saise!

Banner – Mohan Productions

Producer – Krishnaiah

Screenplay, Direction – Madesh

Music – Anoop Seelin

Camera – Veenus Murthy Cast – Yogish, Pragna, Udayatara, Jai Jagdeesh, Sangeetha, Ramesh Bhat, Rangayana Raghu (triple role), P.N.Sathya, Mohan Juneja and others.


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