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Posted date: 23 Tue, Oct 2018 11:09:19 AM

Director Prem says my ‘Hrudaya Noyuththe’! The reason for this is the hardship showered on him by some of the social media persons passing nasty and personal comments.

I have struggled day and night sacrificing so many things. This is the comment I should get? It is foul minds speaking. That shows their culture. I am moving to police station with nine video clips and comments. I would take it seriously. I openly challenge such destructors – come up with subject and invest on the film, give me my remuneration, I would do a film according to taste. Do you have guts he asks with wide eyes!

I am a Kannadiga, I am here to prove something big in Kannada language, do we not have guts do it, and we are strong and firm in making. When such attitudes are there, we need only support. Don’t get in to ‘Vikrutha Manassu’ Prem digs again at social media.

I welcome the reviews on the film ‘The Villain’ and not at all welcome the personal comments he iterated again.

On the objections of Shivanna fans, Prem said in case Shivanna ask me to delete, I am ready. I have asked apology with the fans but Shivanna called and said you have not done anything to apologize. That is Shivanna. Looking at him I am able to create so many things. In Jogi the blows for Shivanna is more Prem recalls.

Meanwhile on the success of ‘The villain’ Prem is moving in helicopter with Shivanna and Sudeep to thank the people of Karnataka.

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