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Why this ‘Premiere Padmini’ Kannada cinema is in top gear on the muhurut day? That is because of the team selected for before the camera and behind the camera.

Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh, Sudharani, Madhubaala, Pramod, Hita Chandrasekhar – all good actors are there to give good family film. Next is a disciplined and dedicated team headed by producer Shruthi Naidu, director Ramesh Indira and other technicians working for the film!

With this strength Ramesh Indira is going with a good subject that is on the relationships in the society. We have to lead life very lightly by not complicating issues is what he says. In Benglauru, Mysuru, Chickmagaluru shoot is scheduled for this film. Lead the life very lightly is his call from this film.

For Shruthi Naidu the presence in TV production, acting in the last 10 years was of course is a major push. She was inquired by many to get in to cinema production. She is now with a constructive and productive team. Acceptance of Jaggesh and Sudharani started giving progress and the subject is also progressive she stated. The brand of this car Premiere Padmini stopped production in 1986. So there will not be any problem for the title says knowledgeable actress and producer Shruthi Naidu.

Jaggesh the senior and highly respected actor had seen the things told in the film in reality. He had given the AC car life and the pavement side worker family. On the professionalism of this ‘Shruti Naidu Chitra’ Jaggesh was very happy. He and Sudharani jointly released the poster of the film ‘Premiere Padmini’. The most happiest life is in cinema profession says Jaggesh remembering Dr Rajakumar statement.

For talented Sudharani lady producer Shruthi Naidu and her career track made her to accept this offer. Ramesh Indira has made a good script. It has personal life resemblance. She is neighbor of Jaggesh in the film. There is everything in the film observes Sudharani.

Pramod of ‘Geetha Bangle Stores’ a terrific performer with sharp looks is fulfilling his dream. He waited for more than a year to get this going. He plays a car driver Nanjundi. He is in the company of Jaggesh.

Hita Chandrasekhar is in the role of a girl who has suppressed her feelings. She finds an outlet to release it in the film – a typical present generation girl in this film.

Adwaith Gurumurthy grandson of Dr Vijaya senior journalist has understood the new rhythm the film Premiere Padmini contains. The emotional and energetic narration of Ramesh Indira is what highpoint he explained.
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