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Title – Premiere Padmini, Producer – Shruthi Naidu, Direction – Ramesh Indira, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Advaitha Gurumurthy, Cast – Jaggesh, Madhubaala, Pramod, Vivek Simha, Krithika, Sudharani, Hita Chandrasekhar, Dattanna, Bhargavi Narayan and others.

This is heavily loaded family melodrama cinema that moves in the same old ‘Premiere Padmini’ car style. In the second half it becomes a latest model and with lot of turn of events gives the lesson of life.

On top of all there is ‘Padmini’ who throws a light on everyone. ‘Ketta Nenapu Kashta Suttu Hakabeku’ says Padmini (guess who it is). There is adequate moral from the film and also showcase where we are heading for with divorce, remarriage etc.

As a matter of fact the first half everyone is searching for ‘Priti’ – the title of Shruthi Naidu TV serial ‘Priti Illada Mele’ (Rashtra Kavi GSS poem song line) the characters like Vinayaka, Shruthi, Spandana, Sumukha, Nanjundi, Ranjini, Rajesh…are all looking for ‘Priti’.

What happens when Shruthi (Madhubala) opt out of life of Vinayaka (Jaggesh), the finding of son Sumukha after nine years by Vinayaka, entry of Ranjini in the life of Sumukha that is pure friendship mistook by elders, what is the status of Shruthi after divorce, what the adjacent house Spandana (Sudharani) hopes for, what is the role of Nanjundi (Pramod) Premiere Padmini car driver you get in a series. It is in the travel with Nanjundi, Vinayaka realizes the truth of life.

It is better you watch it in theatres. Ramesh Indira has directed the film of producer Shruthi Naidu in such a way that all TV folks should get up to queue at the theatres where the film is showing. The TV audience would be surprised with the fastness of putting so many things by director Ramesh Indira of small screen.

It is not a regular kind of role for Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh. He haunts you from his emotional performance. Pramod is pretty good; he has strong shades of growing up in profession of commercial films. Hita Chandrasekhar has a blast with liquor, cigarette etc in her role, Madhubala has stuff in her role, Sudharani is soft and sweet, Dattanna is naughty again.

Arjun Janya has done three lovely tunes and a few touchy lines in the songs are well written. Advaitha Gurumurthy is superb in his camera work, dialogues are well written, editing of 111 minutes cinema is sensible.

Go with your family to watch this ‘Premiere Padmini’.

- Rating:4/5 ****


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