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‘Food for Thought’ is famous saying. Here is good food in a thoughtful way by well known producer and industrialist in food products  Raghunath and his wife Vanishri of SRV Groups.

Producer  Raghunath is known for his films such as Accident, Hebbuli and Jigar Thanda and established with food products OGARA is now coming out with big help. Raghunath is inspired from the Prime Minister of Narendra Modi speech recently to take up this kind of generous activity.

OGARA was inaugurated on February 2, 2018 in the presence of Sri Subhudendra Thirtha Swamiji of Sri Mantralaya and challenging star Darshan. The OGARA food products catered to state, national and international places. For nearly 20 products of OGARA, versatile actor Anant Nag is the brand ambassador.

The generosity of Raghunath and Vanishri is admirable indeed  food material ready to eat – nearly 15 products are packed in one bag and distributed free to the police department. Later such food bags are given to Doctors, BBMP employees, those who are working for the Corona 19 virus eradication are given in the later days.

Raghunath and Vanishri couple SRV studio in Malleswaram is also a favorite spot. The screening theatre is the place for cinema meetings, censor watching films and other cinema related activities.

For Raghunath and Vanishri distribution of food packets to the people working for Corona 10 eradication was a bit problem. Karnataka deputy chief minister Dr CN Ashwathnarayan came to the support in securing passes.

Getting sufficient passes SRV groups is traveling in different cars to personally handover the food products ‘Ogara’.

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