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Title Psycho Shankra, Producer – Mysuru Prabhakar and Manjula P, Direction – Punith Arya, Music – Sridhar Kashyap, cinematography – Nithin, Cast – Navarasan, Yashas Soorya, Pranav, Sharat Lohitsahva, Vijay Chendur, Sudhakar , Pooja, Amrutha Ramamurthy, Rishika, Vedasri Narayan, Sringeri Ramanna and others.
Psycho Shankra is with caption ‘Still Alive’ below the title. When psycho Shakra escaped for fourth time from the prison the repercussions of it is focused in the main story line. In real life he is still alive. In the silver screen he is shown as dead.
The film begins with Shankra escape from prison on pitch dark night. The government fixes Rs.5 lakhs for clue and Rs.10 lakhs for bringing Psycho Shankra alive to the police department. There are three separate tracks that look for this money. In that one is a victim of Psycho Shanker. For the medical help the protagonist played by Yashas Soorya struggle to trace him. Police on the one side, headed by Ashok Kumar a corrupt cop who takes hafta on everything, three villagers – Pranav, Vijay Chendur and Sudhakar are also looking for life of Psycho Shankra – how the criminal is traced is in the second half.  When the screenplay moves we know that it is Yashas Soorya girl friend and villager Pranav sister is victim of Psycho Shankra.
At the remote spot in Dakshin Kannada Psycho Shankra is traced. The cop Ashok Kumar taking Shankra to prison makes a deal with him. He gets a hefty jewelry for his release. At the same time Ashok Kumar for the first time without any exchange allows Yashas Soorya, Pranav, Vijay Chendur and Sudhakar team to finish off Shankra. Finally for the loss of sister Pranav beats Shankra to death in a bloody fight.
Psycho Shankra character played by Navarasan never talks throughout the film. In real life Psycho Shankra escaped from imprisonment but rounded off very quickly. In this Psycho Shankra, he is beaten to death.
R Punith Arya heads the team as director and as a psychology educated he has given twists and turns to this film. Pranav has a strong future in the career. Navarasan without talking a single word given a precise performance, Yashas Soorya is very convincing.
Sridhar Kashyap scored music for four songs, Ravi Basrur done background score. Nitin handled camera, Vishwa editing, Ultimate Shivu stunts in ‘Psycho Shankra’ is produced by politician from Mysuru Prabhakar S and Manjula P.
It is Adi Shakthi Creations and Man Leo productions.
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