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Title – PUNGIDASA, Producer – D Sadashiva, Direction – Pon Kumar, Music – Farhan Roshan, Cinematography – Arul, Cast – Komal Kumar, Asma, BC Patil, RN Sudarshan, Sowcar Janaki, Rajendra Karanth, Padmaja Rao, Tabla Naani, Bullet Prakash, Ashish, Kuri Pratap and others.

‘Pungidaasa’ is like KC Doss sweet! It is a worth watching film for family audience. The skill of director MS Srinath – director of Rambo and writer of Victory continues here with good screenplay and it is very well supported by Komal Kumar and team.

Like how you like Komalkumar in this film, you would love Rajendra Karanth role. Only objection is that Rajendra Karanth role should not have crossed its limit of putting legs on the table of judge played by Mukyamantri Chandru.

When the contents of this film Srinath described at the first media meet at Gowdra Mane, everyone thought it would be another ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’. It is not exactly so. Director Srinath has played with various attitudes of human beings. To top it all he takes up the issue of ‘Money comes and goes but Morality comes and grows’.

Of course it was a very good screening of the film ‘Pungidaasa’ at Veeresh cinemas with one objection of not showing the censor certificate.

With our Hasyachakravathy Narasimharaju in caricature the film opens up and moves with no boring elements. Das Putta (Komal Kumar) is given charge of knowing where the old man of the house has kept his money and property papers by his father.

The grandfather Sudarshan has incurred Rs.15 lakh expenditure to Rajendra Karanth his son. This is what irksome for ordinary Ameena in the court Rajendra Karanth.

When you say what a deadly acting from RN Sudarshan (especially when he plays Mridanga like Kamal Haasan in one of his Tamil films in the yesteryears) the old man really dies. Soon before old man first set up Sowcar Janaki and her granddaughter arrive. After death it is the affluent BC Patil and gang arriving for cremation.

The ticklish issue is that Patil and gang are not interested in accepting the second set up of his father relatives. He has a big poor and rich barricade state of mind. This is what problem for Rajendra Karanth and Komal Kumar father and son in the same house where old man died.

It is a speed that makes you to sit and watch Komal Kumar tricks and passing out some human values. The end is interesting. You have to watch it on the screen.

Komal Kumar has over weight main stress for him. Otherwise he is cool as cucumber in this kind of role. Chandirane….song is well composed by Farhan and Govindayanamaha style song of Black and White is also appealing to old and new generation.

RN Sudarshan, BC Patil, Rajendra Karanth, Padmaja Rao have given wonderful support. Asma as newcomer is impressive in some angles.

The film curtains down with Mangala from the caricature of Narasimharaju for ‘Pungidaasa’. Go watch this movie. Sure to tickle your funny bones.

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