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A film sure to take you back to school days ‘Puttaraju’ focus is also on the Kho Kho game with some unique thought. It is ‘Mugda Manasugala’ life sketch.

I was clapping for films and now hoping to get ‘Chappale’ for my film stated producer Raju. It is because of a real life incident he agreed to make the film. It is our story he says. In over fifty main centers the film ‘Puttaraju’ is hitting silver screen says Nagaraju co producer. The film was supposed to release on last week. The censor certificate U/A was given with only two cuts remembers Nagaraju.

Sahadev director of the film has brought in Kho Kho with school days crush and infatuation in this entertainer. Sahadev was also Kho Kho player in 80’s. He has brought in real characters Puttaraju, Seena and others. The screenplay is very good in this film and every scene has good value says Sahadev.

Amith as ‘Puttaraju’ is happy filming on what happened in life. According to him he has crush on two girls, he has an eye even on aunty.

Jayasri Aradhy is very naughty in real life but she has been silenced in this film. Sushmitha says the screen share with Jayasri is not part of this film. This would give school memory to everyone in life.

Dingri Naresh is in Tarle role giving funny moments. He is Sunny Leone fan in the film. Vikranth Sai is another co actor in the role of Hanumanthu.

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