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Title – Mast Mohabbat, Producer – SV Shekhar, Direction – Mohan Malagi, Music – Mano Murthy, Cinematography – Vijaykumar C, Cast – Premkumar, Poonam Bajwa, Naveen Krishna, Raju Thalikote, Shakeela, Swayamvara Shandru and others.

Lovely star Premkumar ‘Mast Mohabbat’ is not lovely alone most of the times but the heroine Poonam Bajwa also has mesmerizing looks. It is a simple tale of sacrifice and suffering at the end. Director Mohan Malagi has taken a long time to tell a wafer thin tale.

A business tycoon Sri (Premkumar) wants to take a brief exile on the advice of his sister. He drives to Ooty and finds Maya (Poonam Bajwa) on the way. Both are part of saving a child in a road accident. They become friends in the process. Maya is also heading for Ooty. A friend of Sri – Harsha (Naveen Krishna) traces Maya with his friend that leads to opening of backgrounder of Maaya.

Maya forced to take up prostitution out of compulsion has a horrifying tale. Harsha and Sri differ on Maya issue. The rivalry of friends becomes too costly. The pure love of Sri is in doldrums. He drives back to Bengaluru with Maya. Maya is forced once again to entertain a business tycoon this time. She oppose strongly. At this point she explains the true love for Sri. Sri over hearing at this point tries to save Maya.

Lovely star Nenapirali Prem maintains his looks and lover boy image is intact. Poonam Bajwa looks a Cute in close ups. She has nothing much to express her potentiality. Naveen Krishna steals the show in a short presence.

Mano Murthy has lent two haunting songs. Cinematography of Vijaykumar has captured Ooty surroundings beautifully in his camera.


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