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With six strange accidents to this horror film ‘Ra Ra’ the film is finally ready is a big relief to the producer NRK Vishwanath and his sister as director Lalitha Sri.
This is a Tulu film and NRK Vishwanath a journalist, writer of poetry, censor script writer, director of a Kannada film has taken up the fulfillment of his mother last wish. His sister allowed at the right time by her mother would have become a heroine. It was the mother who abstained from it. A few days before the death NRK mother asked him to fulfill the wish of daughter Lalithasri to become a director.

NRK travelling for a period of three decades thought of a mythological subject and when his sister brought up a subject that connects to hospital management he was impressed. After story and screenplay was ready he travelled 11 colleges in Udupi and Mangaluru to select artists. He found the right talent in Suvarana Shetty and Manoj. Later Prakash Rai of Jaya Karnataka headed by Muthappa Rai joined the team. The film facing hiccups had 98 call sheets to complete and A Narasimha is there to support in Leagal Adviser  informed NRK.

The concept of lady director Lalithasri struck to her mind when she was in the hospital when her mother was admitted. This incident made her to add more stuff. As the flavor of cinema was in her mind the encouragement of her brother brought her to the director spot. This is ‘Anna-Thangi’ film she says.

Suvarana Shetty was waiting for one such role because her TV serials not brought that much of satisfaction. She was seen in a role in Students Kannada film, commenced from ‘Pritiyinda’ TV serial later acted in Yashode, Prema Pallavi, Anubanda etc.

Manoj with experience in stage and street plays is in rough and tough role. She started believing in God after working for this film.

Dilip Pai returns to acting after five years. He had to take care of his ailing father who is no more today. He is in a special role in ‘Ra Ra’. He explained a sample of tragedy he faced and how he got it rectified from ‘Tappu Kaanike’.

Prakash Rai a close relative of Muthappa Rai plays a minister role. It was his wish to act in a cinema. Even his car also met with an accident in a strange way.
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