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Title – RAAGA, Producer – Mithra, Direction – PC Shekhar, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Vaidhya, Cast – Mithra, Bhama, Avinash, Ramesh Bhat, Jai Jagadish, Kaddipudi Chandru and others.

The best film in the career of director PC Shekhar is heart touching and takes a look at the humanity aspect. The Drushti and Dooradrishti aspect in the blind coming out is mind blowing. With lot of emotions and extremely composed narration you need to watch without fail. Director PC Shekhar was not so emotional in his previous films. In this ‘Raaga’ he has captured every scene with fine touch and goes ahead with a periodic beauty. Mithra and Bhama sterling performance and very delectable performance from Avinash, Ramesh Bhat and Jai Jagadish is additional boon like Arjun Janya music and Vaidhya cinematography.

Life is not ‘Suraaga’ for blind Mithra. He maintains his life perfectly with vision loss. He comes to the STD booth for work. He passes good advice and positive feel to the people. He often talks to his mother who is no more. Such a self made man with no vision Mithra meets a frightened Anu (Bhama) also blind. Anu is on a run from home and she does not believe anyone. She wants to die in life. At this moment Mithra passes a great feeling in Anu. What do you achieve by ending life? He asks. Confirming that she is with another blind Anu becomes friend with Mithra.

Anu is an affluent girl. Her father has given good care with Appaji taking full ‘Dekbal’ of the blind. When the friendship is turning to love between Anu and Mithra, father of Anu, Avinash comes in the way. Mithra understand the inner feel of the father. It is Anu who expresses her love to Mithra. This becomes a tough thing to deal for father.

When Anu retrieve eye sight from a German based hospital, the life is not that easy. Mithra tries to distance himself from the relationship. The match for Anu further complicates the issues. Anu is hell bent on living with Mithra.

Finally Mithra also get back his vision, the life is not so cool in the last reels for the innocent lovers. You have to watch that on silver screen.

Mithra has struggled hard to adjust to the role. Bhama has done her best. Her innocence is lovely. Avinash, Jai Jagadish and Ramesh Bhat are brilliant.

Two songs in the film from Arjun Janya are additional bonus points of this film, Vaidhya camera angles especially early morning shots is impeccable.

You can watch this film ‘Raaga’ that is different from usual commercial films. It is just 122 minutes journey of two innocent hearts.

3/5 ***

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