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Posted date: 24 Wed, Jun 2020 11:50:06 AM

The most sought after actress of Kannada cinema Rachita Ram has commenced shooting after lock down was lifted partially. This is not for a Kannada cinema. It is a Telugu cinema ‘Super Machchi’ – Mega star Chiranjeevi son in law Kalyan is the protagonist of this film.

In fact Rachita Ram took part in a major portion of shooting before lock down. She has come to Hyderabad for patch work shooting. The social distancing is strictly followed for the shooting. This patch work is only 10 percent of the balance of shooting. Completion of this would help the producer to go ahead with other activities, observes Rachita Ram.

Rachita Ram returning after 10 days of shooting in Hyderabad will take up Kannada films ‘Veeram’ with Prajwal Devaraj, ‘April’ that picked Chirajeevi Sarja for the cast. I could not complete even one day of shooting for this Chiranjeevi Sarja film ‘April’ Rachita Ram feels very perturbed. We had only a photo shoot for ‘April’. The team was ready to shoot for the teaser launch. That did not happen with the exit of Chiranjeevi Sarja from his life.

Rachita Ram is also ‘Lilly’ a psychological thriller that is yet to commence shooting. The additional information from this talented and intelligent actress is that she is going to self quarantine for eight days on return from shooting in Hyderabad.

Rachita Ram booked a private vehicle and reached Hyderabad for shooting of ‘Super Machchi’ Telugu film.

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