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It is Radhika film throughout and it is a wonderful ‘Deal’ she has struck in her acting after six years. Radhika mesmerizes in every occasion she comes up on the screen in ‘Sweet’. She has a good second innings and in all probabilities she can stay to the No.1 position from her acting potentiality.

In the chase, dance and dialogue delivery plus colorful costumes Radhika Kumaraswamy looks like ‘Radhika Kumari’.

Sweety is of course an exceptional film for Kannada audience. Look at the aristocratic society family that is suffering from proper understanding – this is a right answer film.

Siddarth son of a very affectionate and possessive mother till the last frame gives his right respect to mother character. Even a small character in the film turns positive. In such a situation the estranged mother and Bahu striking a deal for the right approach to life with Siddarth in between – it is a right thought indeed. Others can easily follow it.

Radhika as Priya and Adhitya as Siddarth make a good pair. Adhitya looks very smart in this film. The grandeur of this film takes the film to greater heights. Ramya Krishna as mother looks very young and she is the perfect choice for this kind of role.

The role of Dr Girish Karnad also gets significance in one scene that is enough of respect for a Jnanapith award winner. Sadhu Kokila deserved some more scenes. Tabla Nani, Umasri are very impressive. The current minister Umasri looks very grand in her costume and make up. Jai Dev comedy has also worked out well.

There are two other heroes of this film – cameraman Ajayan Vincent and music director Arjun Janya. Just for one sudden entry of a song editor of the film misses the chance of this ranking.

Every frame is a visual treat. The song compositions especially Goa song, Sonu Nigam song, Radhika song are top in tunes and it gets additional push from shooting grandeur.

This is a film you cannot miss out firstly for ‘Radhika’ – secondly for contents arrived at by Vijayalakshmi Singh.

Title – Sweety, Producer – Radhika Kumaraswamy, Direction – Vijayalakshmi Singh, Music – Arjun Janya, Camera – Ajayan Vincent, Cast – Adhitya, Radhika, Ramya Krishna, Dr Girish Karnad, Umasri, Jai Jagadish, Mohan Juneja, Tabla Nani, Tilak, Ashwini Gowda, Jai Dev and others.

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