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With the change in cultural set up for this intelligent, shrewd and talented actress Radhika Pandit, the marriage to rocking star Yash has given chance to learn so many things. He is Raja Huli and I am Durgamba Radhika Pandit says in a chat with close media friends at Chamundeswari Studio on Saturday noon.

The first thing she learnt on being Mahalakshmi in Yash family after marriage is learning how to make ‘Ragi Balls’. I prepare so precisely that my mother in law specialist in it lauded me. I do not use the ghee while preparing. It is coming out so well Radhika Pandit explains.

It was nearly forty five minutes meet a few media friends had with this actress who is coming back to cinema after marriage in Rockline Venkatesh production. It is launching on September 15, Priya is director and Preetha is camerawomen, Nirup Bhandari is in lead role.

Take a look at some more highlights of the of Rahika Pandit meet:

·         In our production banner we want to make good quality films. It is not in near future. It will take some time.

·         In nine years of my film career I have acted in 19 films. After marriage I wanted to return with the same ability to films. Actresses of my age group have not thought like that. I wanted to make it a point very clear – after marriage also I am the same Radhika Pandit in selecting roles.

·         The break of one year was very well planned. I knew Yash from a long time. Adjusting to new life was not difficult.

·         I was getting Bournvita after getting up from bed. Now I prepare bournavita or coffee to Yash.

·         We are moving to new pent house at Golf Club surroundings. The interiors are going in for the house.

·         In Malleswaram my parents and in Hoskerehalli parents of Yash live.

·         We both went to Goa recently for one year of engagement. Stayed in the same place and spent happy time.

·         Personally I have become strong, my anger has come down, and patience has increased after marriage.

·         Yasho Marga Foundation work is going on well. For good work power and publicity is not required. The work what he take up should be visible, our words stay in the mind.

·         Doing good films is always the common dream of me and Yash. Enjoying every moment is important.

·         I have never restricted to glam roles, Performer is the coining I got in my career so far.

·         After marriage offers have not stopped. This Rockline Venkatesh banner I would have accepted had it come before marriage also.

·         The opportunities to select good role is more now. I want to set an example that after marriage also cinema is same for me. That is on the anvil.

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