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The noted personality of Dr Rajakumar Empire – Raghavendra Rajakumar feels the blessings of parents are very good and it is their wishes continued in the family with good work.

Very rare to catch prominent personality of Dr Rajakumar family came before a few of the media at Chamundesware Studio on Saturday evening before the audio launch of ‘Kelavu Dinagala Nantara’.

Raghanna has accepted three films as on today and delivered a song ‘Adisi Nodu Bilisi Nodu…in Hemanth Kumar music direction for doyen director SK Bhagwan ‘Aduva Gombe’ Kannada cinema. It has brought cheers in Raghanna.

I was born during Mantralaya Mahatme cinema. Dorai and Bhagwan were directors and I was named Raghavendra. Now the rebirth in cinema is given by Bhagwan for his film ‘Aduva Gombe’. What a great coincidence he says.

Speaking on his three films Raghanna disclosed ‘Chillam’ in Chandrakala direction (Kwatle director) is a villain role. She has great confidence to show me as a sophisticated villain. Next is a film for director Pratham. It is for my age and stage. Third one is from national award winning director Nikil Manju and the film titled as ‘Ammana Mane’. Nikil wants to show the society the affection of parents through my role in the film. He had given strong reason to keep the title. He had seen me with Amma and Appaji always. How I manage now is his thinking in the film.

The Dr Rajakumar Souhardha Award will be having change. After the one year of my mother in May end – three years awards for three persons each will be announced. The change is that one of the three awards will be in my mother name. A committee will be set up with doctors, journalists, industry personalities to select the precise persons. It will be Rs.1.5 lakhs of cash prize.

The films in our banner will be continued. A film with Puneeth, later with Puneeth and Shivanna, Vinay also in a combination would continue. We want to make it 100 films from Vajreshwari banner. It is 90 plus today.

In Ananth Verses Nusrat of Vinay Rajakumar a song of ‘Chalisuva Modagalu’ – My Lord Nanna Vaada….will be recreated for this scenario.

On the 16 persons from Dr Rajakumar IAS Academy selecting to write examinations and the function of IAS Academy is entirely looked after by my second son Gururaj. There is Sridevi who is supporting my son for good progress of it. This nation has given three doctorate awards to our family and we wanted to give something back.

With zeal and zoom of various developments I feel in the coming days ‘GOD’ is going get some more work. When I was ill and posted in one place for years – God has given me that position to think on various probabilities. I would something good for the society.

When I was sick my mother keeping her hand on my hand told, don’t worry ‘Appaji’ is watching all. He would look after everything. Now my mother also with Appaji – both are blessing our families.

In the world from artist’s fraternity no one has seen husband and wife sleeping after death at a short distance. That is my parents at Kanteerava studio. My mother memorial will be converted as Yoga center. As the people from this place to Appaji memorial they will carry something in their head. That is the plan prepared now. Rockline Venkatesh is looking after construction part of the place.

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