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TITLE – RAGINI IPS, Producer – K Manju, Direction – Anand P Raju, Music – Farhan Roshan, Camera – U Nandakumar, Cast – Ragini, Avinash, Narayana Swamy, Petrol Prasanna, Veena Sunder, Vivek Pandit, Kavitha and others.

It is certainly the birth of another action heroine in Kannada screen. The most beautiful among all heroines in Kannada cinema Ragini with lot of home work has made it a convincing performance in ‘Ragini IPS’. She is here to stay as action heroine.

It is not just action film with half a dozen action situations for Ragini but there are emotions, sickening ‘Rape’ is seriously dealt in this film. The measure taken to cut off the main nerve is the last stage we have reached. Although crude this is the measure needed for culprits of rape.

Anand P Raju has given a solid film although the contents are old one of politics verses police the tremendous work has gone in for dialogue in this film.

An upright cop Ragini is not ready to see the disturbance to the public. She takes it cool with crooked politician (Avinash) and wages a war on a politician at the same time insulting him. When the issue of license given to bar turns precarious he takes on the politician straight in public place. This further insults the already wounded Jagadish (Narayanaswamy).

A severe action is taken on ACP Ragini. She is tied on a cot and heinous crime is conducted on her by a gang. At the court Ragini accepts that she has been ‘TRAPPED, RAPED AND FRAMED’

There is a senior cop turns very soft to Ragini and consider her in highest esteem. There is a doctor (Veena Sunder) further add courage to Ragini in taking on the thorns of the society. Firstly it is cutting off the main nerve for the rape doing criminals. The situation goes peak. Ragini on a rampage finish off wrong doers and take revenge and surrender to law.

Ragini is superb. She has grown as an actress and she could deliver still better in the coming action films. Avinash is fair enough. Narayanswamy is too crooked; Petrol Prasanna is on honeymoon with several girls. Kavitha as item dancer is a treat in rural side. Ramesh Bhat is in two shades does wonder.

Farhan Roshan music and dialogues are two redeeming features in addition to Ragini cynosure of all eyes. Camera work of Nandakumar is splendid.

Ragini IPS is worth watching by action lovers.

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