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Title – JIGAR THANDA, Banner – SRV and Kichcha Creations, Producers – TS Sathyanarayana, Raghunath, Direction – Shiva Ganesh, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Jai Anand, Cast – Rahul, Ravishanker, Samyuktha Horanadu, Chikkanna, Dattanna, Mata Guruprasad, Rakshit Shetty and K Manju guest roles.

SRV Pictures and Kichcha Creations opulent making ‘Jigar Thanda’ is a good family entertainer. Rahul returns in a spirited performance while it is Ravishanker all the way in this film with hot tempered and cold moments.

‘Jigar Thanda’ a remake of Tamil film ‘Jigar Thanda’ is narrated in a very brilliant style in the second half. The entry of Sadhu Kokila takes the film to further height. His method of acting to gang lead by Assault Armugam tickle funny bones.

The convincing screenplay borrowed as it is from original film takes you to a good movie. You cannot miss this one. The dialogues are loud but needed for the situations and environment of Assault Armuga living.

Armugam has a strong boundary in rowdy activities. He and his gang have killed 48 persons. Very strong base, no one can get inside so easily. Armugam missing enemy twice almost evaporate everyone and leading the underworld empire with many deals and sub deals. To this place enters Rahul to make a film. It is not an easy issue for Rahul and Chikkanna. After explaining all the killings, deals and nefarious activities the team of Armugam is happy a film is coming up. At this moment the lover of Rahul fixes him saying Armugam himself can become a hero. That shatters the hopes of Rahul to make a film. He is now brought a producer to make this film by Armugam himself. The point of Armugam becoming hero strengthens. Arnold comes as teacher in acting to Armugam gang. Rahul is not satisfied with developments.

Rahul as director takes a different thinking at this stage. What it is? You have to watch it on silver screen. This end portion is eye opener for many.

Rahul as a good looking hero has done a terrific work. He has a smile that is very absorbing. It is Ravishanker who wins over everyone in his performance. This is his 50th film and dialogue king brother is also dialogue king from this film as Armugam. Besides bombat dialogues Ravishanker has given a punching and touching performance.

Samyuktha Horanadu as Lakshmi is impressive, the tug of war between K Manju and Guruprasad holds mirror to Gandhinagar hub of film activities. Dattanna, Veena Sunder gives able support. Sadhu Kokila although vociferous gives right punches at right time. Chikkanna as sidekick with Rahul is sometimes main kick in the film.

The background score and songs composed by Arjun Janya is strong and very right to the situations. Camerawork of Jai Anand is a real treat to the eyes.

The life of underworld is very short is what many films have told. This film opens up for cruel rowdies with strong message.

Go and watch this film without fail.

Score – 4/5


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