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Title – Raja Loves Radhe, Producer – HLN Raj, Direction – Rajashekhar, Music – Veer Samarth, Cinematography – Chidanand, Cast – Vijay Raghavendra, Radhika Preethi, Shuba Punja, Bhavya, Ravishanker, HLN Raj, Shobaraj, Tabala Nani, Rakesh Adiga, Petrol Prasanna, Pavan, Ninasam Niranjan, Mohan Juneja, Moogu Suresh, Rangateja, Danny and others.

It is HLN Raj’s ‘Raja’ wins Radhe with a commercial formula. Not going overboard in sentiment and action the film ‘Raja Love Radhe’ is a cool watch where the situations are villain in the film.

Director Rajashekhar with his team members prepared a good pack of surprises. The dialogues of Vijaya Baramasagara are well measured and appropriate.

What is the hiccup in this ‘Raja loving Radhe’ – is it rich and poor barricade. That is right. Then there is villain with ulterior motive. After marrying Radhe this trouble shooter in the film is of the firm belief that huge property will come to his name and brother and sister bondage is so good. He wants to use the situation.

In the meantime the honest lover is Raja. He does not want affluence. He knows how to lead a life with pure love. He has to face baddies and at one point of time he is given task of kidnapping his lover.

All such suspicious things are to the notice of Radhe brother a business tycoon. That is HLN Raj. He puts aside the lower level cop who is behind the trouble shooters. That later gives a good ground to the climax of the film.

Whether Raja and Radhe live happily, with what difficulty, what the group of villains do, what the group of friends of Raja do at this given situation – you have to watch it on silver screen without any disturbance.

Vijaya Raghavendra is immaculate. He has given right emotions. Action and dance he wins. Radhika Preethi and Shuba Punja look very good on screen.

Shobaraj, Ravishanker, Kuri Pratap, Petrol Prasanna, Tabala Nani, Pavan, Kuri Ranga, Bhavya, HLN Raj, Ninasam Niranjan, Mohan Juneja, Mithra – given good support in their roles.

Veer Samarth has not fallen back in his tunes and lifts with melody and good background. Chidanand in cinematography gives pleasure to the eyes.

Raja Loves Radhe is a perfect family film and like eating an MTR lunch.

This is wholesome family film with lot of new additions that keeps the audience grow up in thoughts.

Score – 3.5/5

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