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Title – Rajaratha, Producers – Ajay Reddy, Vishu Dakappagari, Anju Vallabhaneni and Satish Shastry, Direction – Anoop Bhandari, Music – Anoop Bhandari, Cinematography – William David, Cast – Nirup Bhandari, Avanthika Shetty, Arya, Vinayaprasad, Ravishanker and others.

After three years Anoop Bhandari is back with one mega hit ‘Rangitaranga’. This film with lot of confusion tactics to hold the attention of the audience has a good purpose indeed. The unity of two language people is important the film focus after the unexpected ‘Rajaratha’ bus catches fire and burn in to ashes.

Power Star Puneeth Rajakumar resemble this ‘Rajaratha’ and the bus going in to ashes is what not the difficult to digest. Anoop Bhandari is colorful, meaningful and at the same time mediocre. The blatant attack on the politicians who creates ruckus for the Periyampally issue between two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu should have been shown with ultimatum.

What is ‘Rajaratha’ the much hyped film because of Power star Puneeth Rajakumar background commentary and Tamil actor Arya making debut?

Rajaratha is a bus that takes a drive from Ringalore with various mindsets. There is Abhi and Megha in it. Megha is engaged to another boy. She wants all the qualities of Abhi in him but finally she does not find it. As the bus travels the news of Periyampally also boils up. The verdict of the court cast a depressing state of affairs for the inmates of the bus. They go shiver with the intolerant moment.

After five years the lovers are back with fire injuries. The clash of words between siblings is the end message of the film.

Nirup Bhandari looks very stylish and performed very well. Avanthika Shetty is cool and pretty, the inmates of the bus Vinayaprasad and other first time actors have done their best.

The cinematography and music are other redeeming features of this film. The capture of songs, production values of the film, editing, costume designing are in top order.

The first half is lively and second half is serious in its contents. This is worth watching if you forget a few flaws.

Score – 3/5

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