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With box office win for the film ‘Raju Kannada Medium’, the Aamir Khan Production showing interest in Hindi with probability of Aamir Khan doing Gurunandan role and Shahrukh Khan doing Kichcha Sudeep role in addition to remake of the film in Telugu with Kichcha Sudeep ‘Eega’ actors – the rejoicing mood has set in for ‘Raju Kannada Medium’.

The team of the film without heroines this time addressed the media for the wonderful response in the box office. Producer KA Suresh another super hit film is seen at the initial stages.

KA Suresh gives first credit for the film success to senior PRO Nagendra. The film is houseful Monday besides several other city centers outside Karnataka showing houseful board is such good news for producer KA Suresh.

Right from Deve Gowda former PM, several politicians are watching this film. Ashok former deputy chief minister saying that Ashok Kannada medium is a big boost. The comparison of making of the film to Hindi and Hollywood range is another plus point of this film. Some others are saying of watching three films in one film disclosed Suresh.

The philosophy coming in humor format approved is happy point for director Naresh Kumar. Actors Sundar, Jyothi, Amith, Vinayak Joshi, Editor Giri Mahesh, Shilpa director Naresh Kumar wife expressed happiness at the success meet at Citadel Hotel on Tuesday morning.

Gurunandan recalled the tough moments of underwater shoot. The perfect arrangement of safety was possible to make such shots he said. One old lady in Mysuru with tears after seeing Gurunandan showed how the film connected to common audience.

Kiran Ravindranath second win in ‘Raju Kannada Medium’ was up in joy. He even explained the education did in eleven schools in his young age. The punishment he was receiving for not answering to English was a matter of concern.
Senior PRO Nagendra instrumental in shaping up of this film said the Shradde and Aasakthi of the team has given this result. The success comes wherever such qualities are found he mentioned.
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