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One of the biggest films in all respects of very humble director TN Nagesh ‘Rama Dhanya’ that has the feel of Treta, Dwapara and Kaliyuga in it held audio release at Chamundesware Studio on Tuesday evening.

In the posters the handsome hero Yashas Soorya looked very devotional in Kanakadasa role and in Lord Sri Rama role. He fitted to both the roles so well.

Katha Chikkanna, director of Kanakadasa Foundation released audio CD of the film and brought to the notice a few interesting factors related to ‘Rama Dhanya’ and Sri Kanakadasa. Kanakadasa was a valiant and this is not revealed much he observed. For the present generation giving history is very important. In the 16th century Sri Kanakadasa mentioned on giving up ‘Ego and Caste’ to the human beings. This is so relevant and pertinent says Katha Chikkanna.

In the elaborate audio release conducted by KSDL Chandru the information on Sri Kanakadasa was fed to those who were not aware. That is because of Chandru strength. He had directed this stage play 74 times all over. He was so authoritative to speak on the contents of this ‘Rama Dhanya’.

Director TN Nagesh explained how this film cropped up in his mind. It was his son who first brought the idea to his father after watching the stage play. Later Nagesh wanted to do it in small budget but one by one producer got added to his team. It is ten producers – Venkatesh, Jambanna, Santosh, Anil Kumar, Govindaraj, Mallesh, Rajashekar, Mahantesh and others in the team of producers. He sought the help of learned Basavaraja Sooleripalya for dialogues and Hamsalekha shishya Desi Mohan for music and Benaka Raju as cameraman on board. In fifty days Nagesh completed shooting and the film is at post production house.

Four poems of Sri Kanakadaasa and Sri Purandaradasa is utilized with one romantic number from Dr V Nagendra Prasad.

Dr V Nagendra Prasad was immensely happy because his name is in the list of giants like Kanaka and Purandara Daasa.

Yashas Soorya is having happiness and feels one should be lucky to get such a triple shade in one film. Sri Rama, Sri Kanaka and modern outfit makes him feel ‘Punyavantha’. Director Nagesh has taken up the big challenge to make this film observed Yashas Soorya.

Nimika Rathnakar also feels very lucky to get three roles in one film. Especially when Seetha Mathe role was her first, she was up in joy. In the modern role she is arrogant. Like how alphabets are taught in schools, director Nagesh taught me acting she stated.

Desi Mohan from Hamsalekha Desi College expressed his Khushi and Bhaya. Hamsalekha sir had put ‘Punyada Moote’ behind me he observed. I was only told by Dashamukha team that songs should reach everyone and live song in the memory. I think I have done good job. I should thank Thippesh and Nandish who worked with me mentioned Desi Mohan the debutant music director.
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