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Title – Rambo 2, Producers – Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra, direction – Anil Kumar, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Sudhakar Raj, Cast – Sharan, Ashika Ranganath, Ravishanker, Kuri Pratap, Chikkanna, Tabala Nani, Sadhu Kokila and others.

This is really a variety cinema – Chutu Chutu…as the songs is the first half, second half it touches the heart and makes it ‘Chita Chita…feeling for the audience. The film is glorious in production values. 132 minutes ‘Rambo 2’ is a family watch.

It is a good dose of comedy from popular comedians in majority of portion, when the suspense reveals on the attack on the car by another car inmate kept secretly till end – you would come to the edge of the seat. Anil Kumar and team in this ‘Rambo 2’ have given a precise film for the family. There is no miss of entertainment and at the same time the concern to the society from careless youths is given right punishment. We will not tell you what the film delivers at the end. That is suspense part of the film.

We have Krish (Sharan) from childhood looking for variety and thrill in life. This is on his father advice. As he grows the same trend continues. He has the habit of having long drive with the girl of his choice. In one such long drive he accommodates DJ (chikkanna) and Mayoori is also of the same mentality of Krish. She loves thrill but the car in which they are travelling is followed by another car. At the interval point we know that the target is Krish. Yet DJ and Mayoori wish to travel in the car.

What is the purpose of the car following Krish car has interesting tale that is touching, eye opening and punishable offence all rolled in it.

Sharan has lived up to the expectations with good temperament. He has won in both comedy and emotions. Chikkanna in the English style speaking broken English gives titillation. Tabala Nani, Kuri Pratap and Sadhu Kokila are apt for the roles.

Ashika Ranganath not only conquers the hearts from her Acting , she is also a great performer. Ravishanker melts down the stone heart from his performance.

Arjun Janya has picked the folk tune for the first song sung by Puneeth Rajakumar, three other tunes are admirable. Sudhakar Raj cinematography and technical addition to this film gives a very colorful feel to watch.

Rambo 2 is robust with entertainment and touching elements. No reason to miss this film. Finally Kuri Pratap does not get answer for ‘Horn’!

Score – 4 / 5 ****
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