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In the ‘Rambo’ film – 100th film of Sharan there was pig as one of the characters. Which animal you are using in this film? Sharan comes quickly with the reply ‘Naane Iddinalla’. That has brought huge laughter from the team members. It was something not expected from Sharan.

The first media meet of Rambo 2 was held on birthday of popular actor Sharan. A chocolate cake was cut on this occasion to celebrate Sharan birthday.

The liquid flow of cash for this film ‘Rambo 2’ is lent by Atlanta Nagendra who was partner of ‘Rambo’. In just four minutes conversation that Tarun Sudhir had with Atlanta Nagendra the approval came. Almost all connected to this film ‘Rambo 2’ – actors and technicians are producers investing their time, energy and knowledge without taking remuneration.

It is the ‘Cream’ of this film team that is investing. Laddoo creations Sharan, director Anil Kumar, creative head Tarun Sudhir, music director Arjun Janya, famous comedy actor Chikkanna, Tarun Sudhir, Editor KM Prakash, designer Saikrishna, art director Mohan B Kere, production manager Narasimha etc not taken remuneration for their work. The film has completed shooting at it is at post production stage.

In Rambo 2 there are two cars that are very prominent jelling well inside the cinema. The shoot was held at Srilanka, Pakistastan border, Goa and other locations. The characters are facing inconvenient situation that evokes laughter says director Anil Kumar.

Music director Arjun Janya was part of similar project when ‘Darling’ was made by director Alemari Santhu. I am just working at my 95th film ‘Rambo 2’ he says. Anand Audio is releasing audio CD to the market. Shyam of Anand Audio was present at the first song screening and media meet at Citadel Hotel.

Ashika Ranganath feels the moment is very special as this is her first full fledge heroine film (what about ‘Boy Friend’ Kannada film then). She is in simple sophisticated role that is very bold and independent. Famous comedy actor Chikkanna is of the opinion that his gold chain will be still stronger after this film. He has given some amount to this film for expenses. He has shown interest to be part of this film. He has hip hop kind of a role.

Sharan thanking everyone cooperating for this film said the technicians who have worked are ‘Cream’ of cinema industry today. They are all busy with series of films. Yet they have given their support to work being partner to the film ‘Rambo 2’.

Rambo 2 is a journey cinema. The travel leads to various ups and down in lives for the characters. I have less of talk but more to titillate funny bones. In the journey the meaning of life is also analyzed. You would find variety in this film assures Sharan.

Tarun Sudhir remembered the days of making ‘Rambo’ – it was so difficult. The budget of the film is now the remuneration of Sharan is a great growth of him observes Tarun Sudhir.
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