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Title – Ranatantra, Producer = S Ramesh, Direction – Aadhi Rao, Cinematography – Yadav, Music – Karthik, Cast = Vijaya Raghavendra, Haripriya, Sathyajith, Vishal Hegde, Aishwarya, Kuri Ranga, Shashikala, Sonam, Bharathi, Shobina, Anjali and others.

‘Ranatantra’ much awaited cinema is just above mediocre. Two talented actors Vijaya Raghavendra and Haripriya lift the film with their screen presence. VR excel and Haripriya sizzle in this movie.

Debutant director Adhi Rao knows the formula of a film to hold the audience attention. He brings in lot of ups and downs in the life of a beautiful couple that come to celebrate their happy married life. Before coming to this place the suspicion moves on two friends of protagonist. When the couple come to a remote guest house the suspicion falls on the security guard. No they are all not connected to it audience would know when the revenge saga reveals.

For the first time director, this is OK. He can improve a lot in the coming films. The film is well displayed in cinematography and music.

It is marriage against to the wishes of father for Swarna (Haripriya) a very rich girl with ordinary guy Gautham (Vijaya Raghavendra). Gautham declaration that he only loves Swarna and not property of her father binds the love further. Swarna and Gautham elope and get married. They come to an isolated guest house for celebration of married life. The simple reason of diamond ear stud missing spoils the first night. Later several disturbances spoils the mood. In this turn of events Swarna notices something strange only to her eyes.

As the story rewinds Swarna is also one of the five colleagues responsible for feared to be dead of an LIC Agent (Vishal Hegde). We get to know that Vishal Hegde is still alive. The last target for him is Swarna. Gautham spoils this happening.

Vijaya Raghavendra has come out well but we feel sorry for romantic moods with very charming Haripriya spoiling time and again. Haripriya is no doubt the best heroine today in Kannada cinema. Her hot moments are more in Saree. Vishal Hegde has got a good role to perform.

The beach side songs are good, cinematographer gives good view of the proceedings.

‘Ranatantra’ is a good watch for the family and also a lesson for girls taking wrong path.

Score – 4/5 ****

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