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An action film with historical background in the screenplay in the debut direction of Sunil Acharya for the investment of his father Sanath Kumar released the trailer of the film on Saturday night at Kalavidhara Bhavana.

Former deputy CM of BJP R Ashok, Doddanna, Priyanka Upendra, Amoolya Jagadish, Rashmi Desai, advocate Nanjunda Reddy, debut music director from this film Shashank Sheshagiri and Attitude Actor Bhuvan were present on the dais for trailer launch.

R Ashok speaking on this occasion disclosed that Bhuvan showed this one month ago and said when I look first on this trailer it will be lucky for me. I wish tremendous luck in his journey. The cinematography and action potion is good. I want audience to stand in huge queues to watch film blessed R Ashok.

Senior actor Doddanna disclosed the magic of cinema of ‘Manga becoming Manikya’ – Bhuvan is handsome, he has great future. Looking at R Ashok Doddanna stated that something should be done for mobile communication spoiling the cinema industry and the permission should be granted to shoot anywhere in Karnataka. We have six unknown temples in Haasan district. Firstly we have to discover such temples and made available. Those temples are very old compared to Belugu and Halebeedu pointed Doddanna with deep concern.

Amoolya speaking on this occasion stated that ‘Nam Kannada Industry should grow very well’ and actors like Bhuvan should shine.

Priyanka Upendra is thrilled with the trailer and its sound quality. When I saw it in computer it was ‘Channagide’ I said, seeing it on big screen it is ‘Thumba Channagide’ pointed Priyanka Upendra.

Rashmi Desai a friend of Bhuvan had come from Mumbai to take part in trailer launch. I know him well and he had big dreams. He has bright future she pointed.

Anand Audio Shyam is happy for impressive songs. Producer Sanath Kumar was very strong in his advice to the newcomers. Give away ‘Durahankaara’ you would shine he stated the young actors. I have grown up from transistor, radio manufacturing to TV sets. The Kannadigas should not condemn Kannada talent he advised on this occasion.

Ten years in the entertainment industry hailing from Coorg I came to Bengaluru and wondered with posters of cinema. I decided then to be in one of the posters Bhuvan stated in his address. After Big Boss and one film I rejected 11 scripts and this one ‘Randhava’ has all ingredients of 11 subjects I have heard pointed Bhuvan. I studied acting in Hollywood. They taught me how not to act. Now this film ‘Randhava’ is quite different compared to Magadheera and Baahubali was the pride in Bhuvan expression.

What I have given in trailer will be multifold better in the feature film ‘Randhava’, I promise everyone stated Sunil Acharya on his debut film. I don’t say film making is difficult. One has to undergo tough days to give a good film. I had excellent team support from assistant directors to other technical crew. Sunil said on this occasion there are ordinary films in other languages but in Kannada we talk much about it.

Shashank Sheshagiri has made debut in music direction and given prominence to melody in this film ‘Randhava’.

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