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Lavish maker in small screen Ashu Bedra of Ashu Bedra Ventures joined hands with Honoria Studios Dubai based Amitha D Souza and Rony Fernandez in a rich production ‘Rangamandira’ Kannada cinema.

Ashu Bedra known for style in his work and substance in his making showed the way at the start of the film by contributing the muhurut expenses to Coorg relief fund like how his colleague in small screen Shruthi Naidu contributed one day expenses of the film ‘Premiere Padmini’.

Ashu Bedra held a simple muhuruth and came before the media after portions of shooting. The film title and design (by Madan CP) was unveiled in the presence of top actors like Suman and Avinash at a private House near Yelahanka – 30 kilometers away from Bengaluru.

Director Shahuraj Shinde of Arjuna and Snehana Pritina is back after a long exile. According to him ‘World is a Theatre’ as told by William Shakespeare (Avinash senior actor reminded to him). We do not know so many people in our life even though we sit together and travel together. In this ‘Rangamandira’ the humans knowing each other for a good cause is focused. The happenings are between two families.

Pravin Tej handsome actor in small screen and big screen is doing the role of a son controlled by his father. Ashu Bedra parallel hero saves himself from wrong moves of father played by Tabala Nani a drunkard in the film. Veena Sunder is mother of Ashu Bedra.

Two beautiful girls Anupama and Shruthi Prakash are in love with Pravin Tej character while lead heroine Ashika Ranganath is pair to Ashu Bedra.

Veteran actor Suman of 400 films, 150 films as hero in forty years of career is playing a sort of ‘Dharmadhikari’ a good role in the film. All characters seek his good wishes in the film.

Ashika Ranganath is a naughty college going student in the film. she was looking for some gritty roles to perform and this is one such after Rambo 2 for her.

Avinash plays a politician with foul mind in this film. Prashanth Rajappa dialogues, Suruchi Rehni and Shanker Yashwanth Rao costume designing, Suresh Armugam editing, Saravanam Nataraj director of photography, Jassie Gift four songs, Ramesh Kumar story for the film forms technical team.

There are 80 artists in this ‘Rangamandira’ – a few of them are Rangayana Raghu, Mico Nagaraj, Vijay Chendoor, Veena Sunder, Aruna Balaraj, Karthik, Nagesh, Raj Deepak Shetty, Sudhee cockroach, Rockline Sudhakar, Escort Srinivas, Victory Vaasu and others.

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