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Duration – 117 minutes, Category – social family drama, rating – 4/5

Title – Ranganayaki Volume 1 Virginity, Producer – SV Narayan, Direction – Dayal Padmanabhan, Cinematography – Rakesh, Music – Manikanth Khadri, Cast – Aditi Prabhudeva, Trivikram, MG Srinivas, Shivaram, Suchendra Prasad, Lasya Nagaraj, Chandrachud, Yethiraj, Sunder Raj, Sunder Veena, Shruthi Nayak and others.

If you keep your emotions locked in a box, there is no use of it. It has to be opened for best of one’s future. This is what ‘Ranganayaki’ does. She becomes ‘Wronganaayaki’ – she wins over her emotions and in teaching the bad elements she feels relieved. She is further relieved when she gets the strength to lead further life.

Director Dayal Padmanabhan has made a precise and near perfect film with the major ailment of ‘Rape and arresting modesty of a female’.  Dayal Padmanabhan dexterity is something impeccable. He knows the pulse and like the medical tablet he injects to the root cause and convincingly wins in solving the issue.

The first half in ‘Ranganayaki’ he travels lightly and second half he finished very tightly. The police, society, judiciary stands by the daring effort of Ranganayaki! Wronganayaki in the end becomes ‘Right Nayaki’ for innumerable of oppressed in the society.

Ranganayki living in an apartment is a music teacher. She is friendly to four boys living adjacent to her house. Ranganayaki agrees for proposal of Madhava and Krishnamurthy also silently loves her.

A major tragedy happens in the life of Ranganayaki – she was given lemon juice mixed with sedatives. She is gang raped by four who are drug addicts too.

From this horrible moment in life Ranganayaki takes drastic step and she moves the police station, undergoes the medical test, and files a case on four culprits.

There is turmoil further for Ranganayaki when Madhava family disapproves with the present status of her. Rest you have to watch it on silver screen.

Pretty in looks, highly talented in acting, Aditi Prabhudeva has done complete justice. She is sure of bagging state award and other prestigious awards. It has been a cake walk for Aditi Prabhudeva.

The cool and composed performance has come from MG Srinivas, Trivikram, Shivaramanna, Shruthi Nayak and Lasya Nagaraj case is another touching tale.

The technical aspects of this film lift the film that is already in top floor. Navin Krishna dialogues, background score, three melodious tunes, cinematography of Rakesh escalate the level of the film.

This is not just for women folks, this is for entire family. Another delectable effort from Dayal Padmanabhan and producer SV Narayan!

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