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The producer award winner of Sri Raghavendra Chitravani KC Venugopal dedicated it to his mentor KCN Gowdru, senior journalist 88 years Krishna Rao recalled his days of work in Menaka cinema magazine, working in Madaras (Chennai) and his column ‘Sanchara’ on tinsel town.

Nandita – instead of speech the song very close to her ‘Deepavau Ninnade Gaaliyu Ninnade….a few stanzas was very melodious to hear.

S Narayan – the noted director S Narayan went back to 1986 days. A thin man Ramamurthy taking him to fat man DV Sudheendra was because he as assistant director in Krishna Nee Begano Baro film written four pages report on the film. That had made DVS to come to spot. Looking at S Narayan it was DVS who told that you would be a big director in the coming days. I even remember his soft words, it was like ‘Benne’ – Narayan thanked Venkatesh, Sunil and Vasu for carrying over the tradition of awards presentation.  As Veerakaputra Srinivas, Dr Vishnuvardhana fan wished for an award for ‘Achiever’ in the industry it was mentioned by S Narayan from next year.

Sundarasri – My happiness is because identifying talent and giving award like this one is very special. He delivered ‘Ranga Geethe’ of Hayavadaha play ‘Gajavadane He Ramba…..

Bapu Padmanabha – Explaining on linguistic and phonetic language the music director of Allama the power of Vachanas got him award and he wanted the goal to reach to Oscar level. It is journey that is important and not destination he pointed.

Santosh Anand Ram – the film Rajakumara was also started with Sri Raghavendra Swami photo and the first award is coming from Sri Raghavendra Chitravani is a special award. I have watched Upendra films and grown in life he stated.

Raj B Shetty – I had sold iron chairs to get money to watch Upendra films. Today getting award from Hunsuru Krishnamurthy name is my happiness. The writer of songs like Manava Dehavu….he was Tatwagnani in his lyrics. I would work without brining bad name in my profession addressed Shetty.

Dr V Nagendra Prasad – getting an award from my mentor KV Jayaram wife is very special and PGS name award from another Journalist is unforgettable. Recalling his days with DV Sudheendra, Prasad said he had given me an idea to make a film with the title ‘Kariganda Bili Hendathi’ with star cast of Karibasavaiah and Bhavana. The song Appa I Love You Paa….with Kashinath sir in ‘Chowka’ got good fame is my happiness.

Manadip Rai – I am in the industry since 1979. DVS was responsible in three developments in my life. He first took me to Roopatara and I was interviewed by Dr Vijayamma, I had forgotten about awards DVS made me to remember today he added.

Sa Ra Govindu – Sudheendra Venkatesh is Ajatha Shatru. He is busy yet he calls within ten minutes even if it is midnight. Sunil, Vasu and Venkaesh from one family continuing show the strength.  I wish good luck to Upendra for his journey in politics.

SK Bhagwan – I knew DVS from 1974. He used to come up with bound volume of all articles of films come up in newspapers. In those days we used to pay Rs.3000. his work and interest was great in profession. DVS respect for profession deserves applaud.

Indrajith Lankesh – out of nine films 8 PRO works was done by Sri Raghavendra Chitravani. I wanted award for PRO to come up. This year I am giving for Sri Raghavendra Chitravani. It is Rs.10000 and next year the same award is for PRO Nagendra.  My next film is Hindi film direction Sri Raghavendra Chitravani will be doing publicity work.

Upendra – I have done a small help and it is regarded very high by Sudheendra Venkatesh. For my Sudheendra is like ‘Chiranjeevi’ – he appears before my eyes. He had great qualities. The same is continued in the family. DVS is ‘Shaswatha’. I want to institute an award in my Guru Kashinath name. I adore journalists, I thought many a times that I should have been journalist. Sitting, observing and commenting is a good task; it is so special stated Upendra.
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