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Title – Toss, Producers – Dayal and Avinash Shetty, Direction – Dayal Padmanabhan, Music – Gautham Srivatsav, Cinematography – Rakesh B, Cast - Vijay Raghavendra, Sandeep, Ramya Barna leading the star cast, there is Raju Thalikote, Suchendra Prasad, Sunethra Pandit, Sihikahi Chandru, Sihikahi Geetha and others.
It is an experimental, highly fictional, time stretched and Di-angular love story. Two bachelor friends – best friends tale of Dayal Padmanabhan coming after five years is very fresh like every day MTR Masala Dosa, beautiful like KC Doss Rasagulla!
Dayal Padmanabhan is a very intelligent writer and director – this film ‘Toss’ is an example. This type of experiment he had not tried in his previous 11 films. From this film we have got a Bollywood feel possessing actor Sandeep. He is so natural and lively throughout the film. He is sure to get a good ranking in the Kannada cinema industry provided his family members permit him to act. In fact he is the cynosure of all eyes despite of charming beauty Ramya Barna and knowledgeable actor Vijaya Raghavendra.
When the Toss is made between the two callers, various things come in to the mind. That is the catch what Dayal Padmanabhan has made. We have seen extreme friendship in ‘Sholay’, we have ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’, we have ‘Snehana Preethina’ films – this is something beyond all. Dayal made a dig at the human psychology.

This is a simple and absorbing film for knack of this director DP. In the first half he manages for Vijaya Raghavendra with Ramya Barna, in second half how he manages the dream for Sandeep with the same girl Ramya Barna is even more interesting.

Madhava Murthy constructs high hopes on charming Ramya Barna. He is almost very close to the stage of proposing. When he does it the friendship issues comes in the middle. He discard love for friendship. When Sandeep dream about the beautiful Ramya Barna he also encounters the same issue. Even he is not ready to give up friendship for love.

Finally the girl sitting in the hotel comes and asks for friendship with Vijay and Sadeep. That is the end of the film.

Ramya Barna looks so gleeful and has good potentiality to act in many more films. She should not give up films for marriage.

Sandeep wins in his first attempt, his looks, costume, approach towards the role is magnificent. Vijaya Raghavendra is very apt for the role.

Gowtham Srivatsa background is a bit loud but his songs are superb in scorings and well adjusted. Sri of Crazy Mindz has brought this to 97 minutes is a welcome effort. Films should be of this length is the happiness of every audience.

You will miss a good experience, entertainment and engrossing film if you don’t buy the tickets to watch this film.
4/5 ****
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