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Title - RE…. Producer – Lokesh Ra, Director – Sunil Kumar Desai, Music – Hamsalekha, Cinematography – GS Bhasker, Cast – Ramesh Aravind, Harshika Poonacha, Sumana, Ananthnag, GK Govinda Rao, Master Hirannaiah, Lokanath, Shivaram, Ramesh Bhat, Sharat Lohitashva, Srinivasaprabhu, Chi Gurudat, Manadip Rai, Prashanth, Chidanand and others.

In his return prodigy Sunil Kumar Desai has churned out a family entertainer that keeps engaging from frame one to last. The presence of superb actors like Ananthnag, Ramesh Aravind, Lokanath, Shivaramanna, Srinivasaprabhu, GK Govinda Rao plus the all time best performance of Harshika Poonachcha, newcomer Sumana excel in the role adds extra dimension to this ‘Thandana Thandanana….earlier title film now ‘….Re’.

Sunil Kumar Desai has made the scenes lengthy, dialogues too loud but never missed the magic of cinema, the thrill, excitement is very much on higher note. He has mixed up a few of his earlier film thrills to this film ‘…Re’. Kudos to Sunil Kumar Desai and new producer R Lokesh for giving a good entertainer!

This film …Re has the strength to beat other language films and come what may the audience not miss value for their money.

Papu (Papa Punya) that is Ramesh Aravind is the fifth generation in the family. He comes to the house where the ‘Athmas’ of his ancestors living. They are visible to him and the dialogue he picks with all the ‘Athmas’ – Ananthnag, Lokanath, Shivaramanna, Srinivasaprabhu, GK Govinda Rao offers lot of fun. You forget everything and simply enjoy the conversation. For this situation of ‘Athmas’ living in this palace like house there is a reason. The fifth generation Papu should get married. That would solve all the curse on the ‘Athmas’. There is a man in the frame conversing, one on the horse throughout, rest three are wandering in the house. It becomes top priority of ‘Athmas’ to see that the fifth generation Papu is married. In this process there is friendship and love. Papu is what we know is in love with Maaya. Later on we find Maaya and Priti are the same!

How the marriage solves the issues of ‘Athmas’, how the property issue related to it is solved you find in the interesting screenplay and dialogues of Sunil Kumar Desai.

It is Ananthnag all the way who steal the show. The dialogue delivery, comedy sense and how Ananthnag has portrayed the role should deserve awards for him. Ramesh Aravind takes the second place. He is so settled in his acting and the growth of an actor always makes it cool watch.

It is a career best role for Harshika Poonachcha. Sumana making debut is quite competent. GK Govinda Rao, Shivaramanna, Lokanath, Srinivasaprabhu, Master Hirannaiah, Chi Gurudut, Prashanth all come out very well for your ticket price.

There are two songs well done by Hamsalekha, the point is picking the old Hindi film tunes is not OK for caliber of Hamsalekha.

GS Bhasker is another class add to this film. The students of cinematography can take lessons from watching this film cinematography.

It is a film that you should not miss. Majestically made, brilliantly portrayed.


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