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Yes Narayan Yes! This is the kind of cinema the society wants. It is at the right age and time coming at the most corrupted situation we are facing. The teenage children and parents should not miss this one. How the convincing pattern is adopted is admirable. Narayan has penned the screenplay for this film that is based on Telugu film ‘Kotha Bangara Lokam’.

Doing justification and taking everything in right perspective without going over board is the style of S Narayan style in ‘Cheluvina Chilipili’. Like how the father character of Ananthnag mould the son Balu (Pankaj) the mother character Sumalatha stand above all in making the son realize the flaws before he makes one. On the other hand S Narayan has not left the heroine Sapna (Rupika) is guarded in this film by a teacher for four years without leaving in lurch. That is where justice is done you would say.

The strong medium of cinema should take on such lovely and convincing issues to construct a healthy society. That is what S Narayan’s ‘Cheluvina Chilipili’ has done.

We give you samples of father character Ananthnag –
• ‘Magane Neenu Thappu madidhagalu nanage Heli Maadu’ – that is when the young cricket playing son picks the thrown cigarette of his father in anxiety to smoke. From that day the father stops smoking!
• Tholethara Beladha Mele Preethi Madodhu Innu Kushi – says father. This is what the grooming period as the seeds sown is growing.
• When the son is counting how many times he remembered his fiancé in the sleep – father character says ‘Paapa Magu Niddhelu Odhkotha Idhe’.
• Preethi Indha Nija Heladidru Parvagilla, Bhayadindia Sullu Helabaradhu.
• I am not spending money on race, gambling etc. I am spending money for my son education. What is wrong in it says father character.

The mother role in this film is also very close to heart. Kaddhu Muchi Preethi maganige Madodhu Ishta ago Vichara.

So the rank students Balu and Sapna take care from the right advices given to them and flourish in life. It is for audiences now to know how they conquer the age that is so disturbing for them. Go watch it.

Pankaj has different shade and controlled performances at places. Looking very innocent at places is the great disadvantage for him. How come such bushy hair style is tolerated in the college campus that is strict even in this film?
Pankaj looks cho chweet in short hair. It is true what Sumalatha says ‘Eno Nin thale koodhalu Nagarahole forest idda Hagidhe!

Roopika is the big scoring point of this film. She looks good, delivered good results and she is a heroine of the future. Another Amoolya is born on Kannada screen from this film. Ananthnag and Sumalatha are winners in the first combination. An Ananthnag and Sumalatha advice in this film in a rather cool temperament taking the son to confidence is what the elders should follow. Dwarakish, Rajendra Karanth, Kote Prabhakar rendered good support.

Nijana…is top class song. Mother sentiment song is unforgettable. Yavudho Harushavu…is to the range of Cheluvina Chittara solo song for Amoolya. Mickey Je Meyer has given a treat in fact. So is Jagadish Wali with correct lighting at correct scenes enhances the quality of the film.

Jai Ho for S Narayan! Mulajilladhe ‘Cheluvina Chilipili’ cinema Nodi!

Banner – Channambika films, Screenplay, dialogues, direction, lyrics, producer – S.Narayan, Music – Mickey J Meyer, Cinematography – Jagadish Wali, Cast – Pankaj, Rupika, Ananthnag, Sumalatha, Dwarakish, Rajendra Karanth, Kote Prabhakar, Sunder, RG Vijayasarathy and others.

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