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Posted date: 20 Fri, Apr 2018 02:56:21 PM
Perhaps one of the lengthy trailers for a film got released at Renukamba Digital theatre on Wednesday evening. A trailer of 3 to 5 minutes is seen in normal cases. The film ‘Rupaayi’ has 21 minutes trailer with a caption – Childre Vishya Alla Guru!

To showcase the talent such attempts should be done says director Vinod Nag. He made ‘Ambani’ short film that gained good popularity. This ‘Rupayi’ trailer is used for the publicity of the film. One schedule of shooting has been completed. The concept is generation of today going behind money and those who feel apprehensive for money are tucked in screenplay says Vinod Nag.

Maithri Jagadish and Ramachandan are two heroes of this film. Krishi Tapanda very popular actress has done some stunt for this film and change over for money are interesting she said. Chandana Raghavendra is second heroine.

Anil Kumar, Shankara Murthy, Pramod Shetty, Mohan Juneja are in the cast. Anand Raj Vikram is editor, Shivaraj Mehu editing, Nagarjun D is cameraman.

A businessman by profession M Manjunath is applying his trick of the trade to this film. Yashwanth Shetty, Shivashanker VS, Narasimhaiah, DK Naik and Jagadish are co producers of this film ‘Rupayi’.
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