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The Kannada film ‘Saguva Dariyalli’ started on 2013 Vijayadashami Day is now in news as the release is fast approaching.
On Sankranthi festival day ‘Saguva Dariyalli’ two songs were screened, audio CD was released and bigwigs of the Kannada cinema industry blessed the team. Sa Ra Govindu father of hero of the film Anoop, Jaggesh, KFCC members graced the crowded audio release event at Chamundesware Studio.
Director of the film Shivashanker has based the incidents of his life in this film. Parents give good tutelage to children they do not respect them when they grow. In this film Vidhura played by dynamic star Devaraj gives good care and affection to his son. Devaraj a veteran has done the role. I am a newcomer. Giving opportunity for me, I should thank producer pointed Shivashanker.
Dynamic star Devaraj lauded the director for having good thoughts in him and took us to good environment for shoot. Puneeth Rajakumar appreciated Mufti and you have Jaggesh to entertain stated Devaraj.
Anoop Sa Ra Govindu was apprehensive on accepting heroine. As senior actor Devaraj son how I would perform was told to me. I have done my best. Savalugalannu Edurisi…is actually so mentioned Anoop.
KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu thanked Puneeth Rajakumar, Jaggesh for their presence. Puneeth has the qualities of his father. When my wife died Jaggesh given care for my son Anoop. Shooting the festival of a village right respect was attributed said Govindu.
Umesh Banakar Vice President of KFCC considered Jaggesh, Devaraj and Puneeth as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. MN Suresh stated Dr Rajakumar was like Trimurthy. He was like sky. Puneeth Rajakumar is like star in the sky he stated.
Navarasa Nayaka known for wit and sensible address on all occasions stated Sa Ra Govindu has sacrificed as father to Anoop. In our days film industry was like ‘Family’. Today artist sit in caravan and do not want to mix up. For me Puneeth Rajakumar is ambassador of his father. Rajakumar and Rajanikanth qualities are in him. I have not seen an actor like Devaraj who comes from KV Raju team. Sharada Devi blessed Devaraj. He could have gone to other languages but he did not do so. Today young makers should face difficulty. Audience are like ‘Rayaru’ said Jaggesh in his address.
Power star Puneeth Rajakumar in his address said KV Raju films are unforgettable. I had seen Tarle Nan Maga, Eddelu Manjunatha, Neer Dose for more than fifty time. Puneeth Rajakumar blessed the team and released audio CD of the film.
Producer V Shivashanker did not take the mike. Two songs were screened and the film ‘Saguva Dariyalli’ slated for release in next month.
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