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It is not just making the cinema. It is a case of pure passion, hard work, sincerity, dedication from the team of Rajguru son of veteran singer and actor Gururaj Hoskoti.

Look at the place Rajguru selected to inform the media on his film ‘Samayada Hinde Savaari’. As the novel of top journalist Girish Rao alias Jogi ‘Nadiya Nenapina Hangu’ is based on a murder mystery, the former Central Jail now Freedom Park was the rendezvous for media meet.This novel was stage play as ‘Balla Moolagala Prakara’.  The title was not possible to this team when they thought of a film.

On briefing the media Rajguru applied a new form. That is for the first time in the history of Kannada cinema team interaction with media. Raj Guru with his team members organized a play of 20 plus minutes that explained the ordeals he faced to reach the level of first copy of the film.

Right from evolution of the thought, how the novel was converted as a stage play first and then meeting up with the producers, the shooting process giving lot of pressure, meeting the distributor for the film and finally deciding to release the film on their own was part of the play enacted by Rajguru and team.

Five songs for this film, shooting at Kundapura, Kavradu, Kamalashila – entire Dakshin Kannada belt and the culture dipped inside the film ‘Samayada Hinde Savaari’. 75 percent of the novel of ‘Nadiya Nenapina Hangu’ Jogi novel is retained. As a matter of fact Jogi given freedom to think beyond his novel for the value addition to the film.

For the promotion of the film Rajguru is adopting the ‘Street Play’ for reach out. The film is set for release on 28th of this month. It is 2 hours and 10 minutes cinema. There are five songs in the film.

Rajguru eloquent in his speech started off with the song ‘Navu 100 bari Geddavaralla, 1000 baari Sotavaru…..

Rahul Hegde is protagonist and also joint producer with Ranjit Shetty and Praveen Hegde. Screenplay, lyrics, music, dialogue and direction are handled by Rajguru Hoskoti.

Bunts Lion Film International banner ‘Samayada Hinde Savaari’ has Sunit Halagere cinematography.

Rahul Hegde, Prakruthi, Glory, Kiran Vati, Ranjit Shetty, Shivashanker, Praveen Heg

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