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Title –Samyuktha 2, Producer – Dr DS Manjunath, Direction – Abhiram, Music – KV Ravichandra, Cinematography – Rajashekhar, Cast – Chetan Chandra, Prabhu Surya, Sanjay, Devaraj, Sparsha Rekha, Dr DS Manjunath, Aishwarya Sindogi, Neha Patil, Sowmya Kanchan and others.
This is a stunning second half film for the patriotism and awareness created by this film. When the character of producer Dr DS Manjunath unfolds at the climax the film value increases tremendously. In a serious subject he mixes he commercial elements of taking toll of seven lives in ‘Mystery of Missing’ students in ‘Samyuktha College’.
Had the director Abhiram worked very hard in the first half to hold the attention, he would have been real winner. The excitement is less in the first half; the curiosity is more in the second half.
What is this Samyuktha 2? It is a scientific, mystery and patriotic film. On November 27 every year one person of the ‘Samyuktha College’ is missing. On seven disappearances the dismay would end is the mantric prediction.
So what the inspector in the college campus digs up the reason for it. It is in the same college campus he lost his lover on November 27. The investigation reveals the formation of a solution by scientist and professor going missing is the reason.
When audience would think that is reason for miss out of students. It is not true says another interesting character that takes entire control of the film in the second half.
It is not right to mention about that character very strong and purpose is beyond imagination that you have to watch it on silver screen.
Chetan Chandra and Dr DS Manjunath action block is deadly. Both have performed very well. There is short and interesting role for Devaraj and Sparsha Rekha.
The music is average, Dr Shivarajakumar title track is placed at right time. background score scares at places. The cinematography is another plus point of this film.
For the second half of the film you can watch this film and give a standing ovation.
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