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Actress Sangeetha Bhat has decided to quit cinema industry after ten years of stint doing hardly a few films.

Hello everyone…I have been wanting to share with you all from a few months,...that I am no longer in the film industry (for good) been undergoing a lot of trauma since the time I stepped foot in this industry...many told me not to share my story but i didn't want my struggle, my pain to go unnoticed, I request you all to read the attached post's being human and not by judging or assuming different stories. I have tried my best to put my story in a summary of three pages (which was a challenge).

These posts are not posted to attain any attention from media etc...These are my experiences which haunts me every minute of my life...I have gathered too much courage to write this, which I know, comes with a lot of risk...

The dark and bad memories were a big setback in the decade of stint is a clear cut indication of something going wrong. Some of the memories haunted me every night I close my eyes for sleep says Sangeetha Bhat.

This is another ‘Me Too’ case. Sangeetha Bhat clearly says she has come out open not go gain any publicity out of it.

However in 2006, 2008 and 2010 Sangeetha Bhat faced horrible situation in life. First time she was just 15 years the misbehavior happened in a car, then in 2008 again one of the directors harassed me and in the third case a hair dresser (woman) misbehaved but told sorry for it. She recommended me to another wrong person who invited me to Room No.206.

Sangeetha Bhat was heroine of films like Mamu T Angadi, Priti Giti Ityadi, Eradane Sala, Dayavittu Gamanisi and a few others. It will be only theatre and short films in future for my satisfaction says Sangeetha Bhat.

Sangeetha Bhat happily married in life has quit cinema industry only because of harassment. Her husband Sudarshan Rangaprasad an engineer and actor is there to support her future life.

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