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Title – Sankashta Kara Ganapathi, Producers – Dynamite Films, Direction – Arjun Kumar, Music – Rithwik Muralidhar, Cinematography – Uday Leela, Cast – Likith Shetty, Shruthi Goradia, Achyuth Kumar, Chandu Gowda, Rekha Sagar, Manadip Rai, Vijay Kaundinya, Nagabhushan and others.

The debutant director Arjun Kumar has worked well in his first venture. Sankashtas of ‘Box Office’ should be overcome by neat and convincing presentation. This is what he has attempted with two lovely actors on board Likith Shetty and Shruthi Goradia. Of course we have Ustaad of supporting roles Achyuth Kumar. The father and son combination is a long living effort.

In 117 minutes cinema ‘Sankashta Kara Ganapathi’ – Gani gets in to trouble for his ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ – the left hand at the wrong places behaves leading to uncomfortable situation. It is all because of a mistake of a doctor. Gani in the office, home, public places is pooh-poohed for ‘left hand’ going erratic. He is a ‘leftist’ in that way! But eventually right things for Gani after face off in the society.

Gani is in love with his college friend Shruthi once he joins the Sankapla newspaper where Shruthi is sales executive. Gani is a cartoonist of high quality. He has the knack of winning hearts of his boss. The left hand alien syndrome is what the worrying factor for him.

Shruthi finds very comfortable in the company of Gani despite the fact of ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’. She finds it inconvenient with her fiancé Raghu (Chandu Gowda).

The best part of the film when Gani left hand goes out of control and he hugs Shruthi at her wedding reception with Raghu next to her and huge turnout watching it.

Shruthi appreciates the guts of Gani but it is his hand problem that leads to a scene unwanted. This in fact is blessing in disguise for Gani and Shruthi further life.

Like Alien Hand Syndrome there are many lacunas the human being faces in the society. It connects to the masses and second half is a laugh riot.

Another sentiment aspect is Gani and his father bondage. A father standing by all the problems of son is well stitched for this society by Arjun Kumar. This combination touches your heart.

Likit Shetty can now stay in Bengaluru as offers keep pouring for him. Shruthi Goradia is very refreshing to watch. Achyuth Kumar deserves hundred applauds for his performance.

Moda Modalaagi….Jeevanada Yee Santheyalli…are impeccable scorings from Rithwik Muralidhar in this film while Udaya Leela cinematography is top class. Every frame is a treat to watch.

This is a must watch cinema for various valuable elements handled very neatly.



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