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Title – Sarkaar, Producer – Smt Parvathi, Direction – Manju Preetham, Music – Satish Aryan, Cinematography – Arun Kumar, Cast – Jaggi, Lekha Chandra, Yamuna Srinidi, Shobaraj, Keerthiraj and others.
The entry to underworld is by compulsion. It may be from the sickening family life, the injustice tolerance reaches the peak – such rowdy elements evolve in society.
In this ‘Sarkar’ a young boy sees the crime his drunkard father creating. A few young boys become mute spectators for a gang rape. What else you can expect the youths to grow in their life. When the mind is filled with such crimes before the eyes of youths, underworld activity is obvious.
Jaggi and his friends are tucked in such circumstances in life. Jaggi gets good life support from Sarkaar (Shobaraj) but situations compel him to take up rowdy activity. He is like ‘Hasida Hebbuli’ in underworld. Acquiring a good spot in underworld Jaggi falls in love with Keerthi (Lekha Chandra) a doctor. Sarkar knowing this tries hard to shape up a good life for the lovers.
Things go out of control once Sarkaar is murdered by Ramanath gang. Sarkaar position comes on Jaggi. He breaks the promise he has done to his lady love Keerthi and goes on a rampage.
The dubbing should have been strong for debutant Jaggi. He has given killing performance at places. Shobaraj has given stunning performance. Keerthiraj is convincing. Lekha Chandra is very sweet. Yamuna Srinidi as mother has performed well. Satish Aryan as a don is convincing in his first film.
Satish Aryan has lent one melody and mother sentiment song is good. 
Score – 3/5
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