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The debutant actor Jaggi is an all rounder and he does all the work for the film with humbleness. I have not seen a person like him applauded Yamuna Srinidi, mother character of the film at audio release.

Jaggi was seen with same humbleness on the pre release of his ‘Sarkaar’…The Bullet Kannada cinema at Citadel Hotel on Monday afternoon.

A lecturer from Sambrama College of engineering was always thinking he is not in the right profession. His brother encouraged him to what he likes and so he is in his first film ‘Sarkaar’ – a rowdy background cinema with love and thrill. Jaggi mother Smt Parvathamma is the producer of this film. Jaggi with qualifications of dance, Karate, has done this film that was not cup of his tea. The Thayi sentiment he mentioned to director Manju Preetham has also connected well in this film. Why he becomes rowdy is interesting aspect of the film.

Director Manju Preetham employees of Government of India Postal department makes debut. He is a postman in real life. The mother sentiment song written by Malavalli Saikrishna ‘Brahma Shiva …Thayi Ede Halu….has come out well with other contents he says. He wanted to keep the title ‘The Bullet’ for his film. Later ‘Enfield’ also did not work out. ‘Sarkar’ in this film is Shobaraj in title role.  

Lekha Chandra plays interesting role of a doctor in this film. It has a cute love story she mentioned. Satish Aryan known for melodies has scored four songs – sentiment, duet, hero introduction and Tappanguchi for this film. he had seen the film at RR time and feels very happy for ‘Sarkaar’.
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