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Title – Sathya Harischandra, Producer – K Manju, Direction – Dayal Padmanabhan, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Faizal Ali, Cast – Sharan, Sanchita Padukone, Bhavana Rao, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Seetha, Vidyullatha, Sharat Lohitashva and others.

Bluff master Sharan has turned action hero from this film ‘Sathya Harischandra’ of 163 minutes in K Manju Cinemas. Four action portions, three lovely tunes, some fine performance with catching dialogues take this film to greater heights. The trimming was required at some places as the scenes detach so much from the main flow of screenplay.

Another development is that for Sharan the comedy hero also the subject in the range of front ranking actors is stitched as the hero goes to a far of place like Munich to find a match. In the home front this bluff master Sathya has earned lot of enemies for his tricks that bring lot of commotion. The idea he hatch to find things easy for him in life, it boom rang on him. Sathya had to detach from the love he has announced to Soundarya daughter of village chieftain.

So what next you would say? The last chance for uttering lie give him a punishment to show a face of the face book – that is Sanvi (Sanchita Padukone) living in Munich. One month time is given for Sathya to prove his love for another girl. He boards a plane to Munich. At this place Sanvi is an affluent girl roaming with body guards. How he successfully earn her friendship and how he convincingly bring her to his native place is interesting part. Finally when Sathya utters Sathya, it has a costly effect on his family. When Sanvi announce that she has a boyfriend Deepak (Sanchari Vijay) further commotion build up for Sathya.

Sharan is at ease in his performance. His company with Chikkanna is cut off when the film moves to Munich. Again when he comes back the combination gathers attention. Sharan is not only good in action, fights but also in dance.

Sanchita Padukone looks beautiful when she wears goggles. Bhavana Rao has a brief role. The combination of two heroines with Sharan is a good one.

Sharat Lohitashva, Seetha and Sadhu Kokila have given near performances. Dialogues are punching at a few places and filled with double meaning.

Faizal Ali cinematography is not very special in this film. Action compositions are chilling. The song Kuladalli Keelyavudo Huchchappa of 1960’s ‘Sathya Harischandra’ comes in the beginning of the film.

This is a film with some relief, tension and good presentation .

 3/5 ***


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