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Duration – 131 minutes, Category – Love Story, Rating – 4/5


Title – Savarnadheerga Sandhi, Producer – Lushington Thomas, Hemanth Kumar, Mano Murthy and Veerendra Shetty, Direction – Veerendra Shetty, Music – Mano Murthy, Cinematography – Loganathan Srinivasan, Cast – Veerendra Shetty, Krishna, Krishna Nadig, Niranjan Deshpande, Vivek Panjabi, Avinash Roy, Ravi Mandya, Ajith Hanumakkanavar, Ravi Bhat, Basu Kumar, Rama Rao, Dattatreya Kuruhatti, Madhusoodhan, Padmaja Rao, Surendra Bantwala and others.

A fine tribute to Kannada Rajyotsava from a new team coming from Dakshin Kannada! The Kannada language, diction, grammar are a real treat to Kannadigas spread all over.

A well crafted film by ‘Chali Polilu’ Tulu film fame Veerendra Shetty who is basically a writer turned director and actor. The quality of the film, narration tactics, the usage of Kannada language, the comedy elements, melodious tunes from MM fame MM, fine visual treat and of course the performance of all actors is the good supper for the family audience.

You should hear the clean and clear Halegannada from Krishna Nadig (looks like KSL Swamee- Ravee) and Veerendra Shetty – you would definitely applaud. The debut of Krishna (second generation of actor from Ravi Bhat and Vinaya Prasad family) is a welcome to the tinsel town for her looks, style and height. She has a great innings to play in this arch light.

What is this ‘Savarnadheerga Sandhi’ – it is a grammatical mix of words at the outset but there is something else in store for the family audience.

We have Thimma alias Muddanna as he grows. He has formed a Positive Rowdyism gang. The roots of it are strong and practical approach to problems is meted out without leaving any clue. The gang of Muddanna is a nightmare to the police department. The police department is waiting to nab this gang. It goes in vain till the end is the interesting point of this film.

In the midst there is revenge saga, love angle and humble style adopted by the director Veerendra Shetty. All that you have to watch on silver screen and encourage this pure and precise Kannada film ‘Savarnadheerga Sandhi’. There is very good surprise and curiosity builds up in the second half after a shootout in the pre interval.

The natural performance and serene atmosphere tucked in is another hallmark of this director cum actor Veerendra Shetty. He has not taken any build up for his heroic performance. His team members especially Poojari son is having bright future. Even the presence of ‘Ajji’ strikes your attention.

As already told Krishna daughter of actor Ravi Bhat and close relative of Vinaya Prasad - has very strong future. The puff crossing mouth from Krishna to Veerendra and then going in the air is what the lovers would love to watch.

Krishna Nadig is a right choice for his dialect and natural performance. Ravi Bhat as father of Krishna emoted well. The conversation of cops Ajith and Mandya Ravi, plus a constable is notable.

Mano Murthy magic has worked again as the all the four songs are very melodious and timely for film narration. Salute to singer Shreya Goshal for song ‘Kolalaadena Krishna Ninna Kaiyalli’song in the film!

This is the film you cannot miss and watch it on silver screen for a good time.

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