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Kannada filmdom gentleman hero and director Ramesh Aravind birthday September 10 was special because of quite a few developments. On this day the first trailer of Ramesh Aravind acted ‘Shivaji Surathkal 101…Ranagiri Rahasya’ film was released at Renukamba Digital theatre in Malleswaram in a packed attendance.

Wherever Ramesh Aravind is found, there is very good mood and happiness besides thoughtful words from him.

After watching a captivating trailer ‘Shivaji Surathkal 101’ Ramesh Aravind remembering his career of 33 years said in life five situations arise for an actor. It is ‘Yaradu Ramesh, Yee Role Ramesh Aravind Madbeku, Ramesh Taraha anyone can do, can a small Ramesh Aravind do this role and finally back to square one Yaradu Ramesh’. In this we find the love and affection. It was such a grand thought from Ramesh Aravind at the helm of his career. It was an eye opener to every actor indeed.

In Shivaji Surathkal 101 Ramesh Aravind has two shades. One in normal mood and in second shade he has bearded and it is when he is tough and strong. In fact Ramesh Aravind was looking for something like this. Like how James Bond come again and again, there is possibility for this film too he felt. I had seen the sharp skills of Akash Srivatsa at the time of ‘Accident’ Kannada film mentioned Ramesh Aravind.

Why Surathkal for name ‘Shivaji’ – according to Akash Srivatsa the engineering students of Surathkal Engineering College are rare and fast. One such is from that college. Like Sherlock Holmes narration the film narration is maintained. Shivaji is force and Surathkal is brain adds director Akash Srivatsa who made ‘Sulle Sathya’ short film and ‘Badmash’ feature film in the past.

Radhika Narayan is Janani a lawyer in this film. She has liked the amazing patience of the team members. Raghu Ramanakoppa, Arohi Narayan a psychiatrist in the film also spoke at the trailer release of the film.

Young and ambitious producer Anoop is from agriculture and software background. He is also from NSD. He runs poultry too at Madanayakanahalli. Dance is his passion too. He is very happy for the shape up of the film so far.

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