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The big names Dr Shivarajakumar and super star Upendra were on Instagram live on the occasion of ‘Om’ completing 25 years of release – a silver jubilee fete for silver screen stars!

With Upendra, dialogue writer Murali Mohan, Loki on one side and Dr Shivarajakumar wearing specks discussed on the days of making of OM.

Shivarajakumar opined that there was writer, musician and director in Upendra. I had noticed it 25 years ago. We should work again in our career. We should meet for 25 years of OM and discuss more opined Dr Shivarajakumar. Dr Shivarajakumar recalled a particular scene which he disagreed to do. But when Upendra insisted on it, he agreed for it. On touching his hair style no one was permitted other than Upendra. When Murali Mohan dialogue writer came, Shivarajakumar disagreed to touch his hair.

Super star Upendra on the other side of the chat was extremely happy. Shivanna Neevu Avagle super star! It is because you have agreed, this was possible, It all just happened Upendra agreed to Shivarajakumar observation.

Upendra remembered the presence of Varadappanna, Dr Rajakumar, Dr Parvathamma Rajakumar in making this film contributed a lot. We cannot get another person like my uncle Varadappanna stated Dr Shiv.

For one of the difficult moments to handle in ‘Om’ when Upendra came before Varadappanna, he immediately reacted and read his mind – he also advised him to do in so and so style. Upendra remembered this moment.

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