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Title – Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale Kasargod, Koduge Ramanna Rai, Producer – Rishab Shetty Films, Direction – Rishab Shetty, Music – Vasuki Vybhav, Cinematography – Venkatesh Anguraj, Cast – Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat,  Pramod Shetty, Prakash Tuminadu, Ranjan, Sampath, Saptha Pavuru, Balakrishna P, Nagaraj and others.

Apparently in saying ‘Prarthane’ to retain a Kannada school in Kasargod also takes us back to the history. A Kannada film by senior journalist Sadashiva Shenoy ‘Prarthane’ in 2012 release in debut direction starring Ananthnag, Prakash Rai, Dr Sudha Murthy, Pavitra Lokesh, Master Sachin, Srinivasamurthy had the similar content. It was in a larger perspective in a shoe string budget. This one of Rishab Shetty – director of Ricky, Kirik Party confine to only ‘Kasargod’. The closure of Kannada medium school and after a strong protest re opening of it is the crux of this film of Rishab Shetty.

The talkative cinema of school backdrop ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale – Kasargod, Koduge Ramanna Rai’ – the biggest title too in Kannada cinema is also long like the title in narration of 149 minutes.

Of course the children around and Praveena Dadda Dadda…. You rewind your memories. The point of a Malayalam teacher not knowing Kannada teaching in Malayalam on his transfer obviously flares up the issue. Very soon the department of education head Panikar closes the school serving a notice. He also files wrong picture to the government on his decision.

This is what hurts the bunch of students. The bunch of students reaches out to Mysuru to seek help of Ananthnapadmanabha P (Ananthnag). Ananthapadmanabha arrival to Kasargod changes the whole scenario. It is a court hall argument that unravels the shady deals. It is reopening of the school at the climax.

The pun and fun of children is superb in this film. Anananthnag theory in the argument that teaching medium to students in the language they dream should be implemented is acceptable. With Mysuru Topi black coat Ananthnag gives his best.

Pramod Shetty, another comedy actor behind food always – Praveena and his friends are so natural in their performance.

It is a second win for Vasuki Vybhav of this week. It is a real Varamahalakshmi treat from Vasuki Vybhav. Songs are melodious, well written and well delivered. Venkatesh Anguraj in his cinematography has given the right mood of environment for this film. Dialogues of this from actor cum director Raj B Shetty another trump card while the timing of it very naturally portrayed by the children.

Jai Kannada Mathe, Let us think of ‘Save Kannada in the big capital city of Bengaluru’!

Rating:4/5 ****

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