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The sexual harassment allegation by actress Shruthi Hariharan on Action King Arjun Sarja of what happened one and half years ago – strongly hugging, fingering on the back, inviting for dinner and resort has taken new turn on Sunday.

In the wake of Me Too this allegations of Shruthi Hariharan takes a new strength with FIRE organization set up two years ago. ICC of FIRE is taking up this case on behalf of Shruthi Hariharan.

On Sunday afternoon the FIRE and its objective was explained by actor Chetan Kumar. It was in 2017 March FIRE was registered (FIRE – Film industry for Rights and Equality – ICC Internal complaint committee).

The issue of Shruthi Hariharan on Arjun Sarja doing lot of talk in the media took the main ground at the two hours media meet.

Shruthi Hariharan a gutsy and strong woman who once talked about the casting couch says she is firm on her statement and not goes back on it. I have proof and four others have joined me to substantiate my case on Arju Sarja. I will provide the proof at the court. Now I am waiting for Arjun Sarja to prove that he is innocent in this case.

I did not explain the ordeals then because I had no strength. No one backed me. FIRE has really come up with good ideas and it is there to support me. That is the reason for delay in explaining the ordeals so late she says.

I stand by what I have said and without doing rehearsals I use to sit in the Caravan. I was confused on this harassment. In two schedules he verbally invited me. I did not say no at the first instance but it continued. It is unprofessional misconduct on the part of Arjun Sarja. I have worked with Sudeep and Darshan – they were so fine she added.

I am getting threatening calls from Sarja Fan Club. I am getting the documentation ready. This kind of issues would keep everyone in check and support the women in all departments of film making. On a question whether she is ready to sit for a discussion Shruthi stated that she is ready. I only want the super star abusing power should go. I want this to be an example. I don’t want publicity out of it. I am sure that I will work in more Kannada films in future after this case says Shruthi.

The remarks, phone calls, threats especially of Dhruva Sarja is as bad as the situation I have faced on the sets of Vismaya adds Shruthi Hariharan.

Kavitha Lankesh is chair person of FIRE organization. Panchami, Jayalakshmi Patil, Roopa Iyer, Jaya Kotari HC advocate, Advocate cum producer Maruthi Jediyar are members of FIRE. Director Giriraj was also present on Sunday media meet. He hoped for Me Too to become No More!

FIRE is backed by NGO is a no profit no loss organization. It has eleven members on board with two legal experts. The existence is even before ME TOO says Chetan Kumar, brain behind this organization evolution. Sting operation done by visual media is the source of inspiration for this evolution says Chetan Kumar.

ICC is one internal part of FIRE that solves the cases without making it public. It covers women, writers and workers. The period of 3 to 6 months the cases that come to ICC will be solved. Gender sensibility, workshop on appreciation, self defense classes, providing houses to houses of cinema workers are part of the goals of this FIRE.

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