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Title – Smile Please, Producer – K Manju, Direction – Raghu Samarth, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Jagadish Wali, Cast – Gurunandan, Kavya Shetty, Neha Patil, Srinivasaprabhu, Rangayana Raghu, Aruna Balaraj and others.

The renowned producer of Kannada cinema K Manju with a new team has come out with one point of agenda in the film ‘Smile Please’. Life is short, live it with happiness and smile on your face. There is no point in giving grim looks throughout the life and exercising control in the family.

The protagonist with short span of life Manamohan alias Manu (Gurunandan) in this 127 minutes six seconds cinema is a wayward youth. He does not care for anyone. He wants to lead his remaining days happily. He takes the challenge of coming to family of his relative.

Manu comes with Maam (Rangayana Raghu). It is the strictly controlled family of Srinivasaprabhu – there are three girls in this family. Everything moves from the order of Srinivasaprabhu. Nothing is right in this family according to Manu.

Just at the edge of marriage the second girl in the family Neha joins the match of her choice. This is what irks Srinivasa Prabhu. He screams at Manu for such a decision. At this point of time Manu throws a challenge. I would change the whole fortune of the family in case they live in his style. Srinivasaprabhu accepts this challenge and after a month nothing is changed everyone has to live to his principles.

In this one month the first daughter of the family who has left her husband joins her hubby with good smile on her face. The last daughter of the family Anaga (Kavya Shetty) very stubborn and supports her father every inch changes her mindset because Manu is so good in his moves. The lost smile in the family is brought back. When Anaga falls flat for Manu, he asks her to keep away as his living days are numbered.

Anaga is so fond of Manu and the widely publicized lip lock happens on her request. Now Manu ask Anaga to record what he says to his parents and to the family of Srinivasaprabhu. As expected a dozen watches this are in tears.

Except the issue of living life lively there is nothing much to boast – the dialogues are straight and not in double meaning.

Raghu Samarth has offered a very plain Dose to the audience. Srinivasaprabhu and Rangayana Raghu steal shows among elders.

Gurunandan is lively in his style and dialogue delivery. He sounds very much like Raghavendra Rajakumar speaking. For first rank Raju, it is not a distinction.

Kavya Shetty is bold and she looks good when she is angry also. Neha Patil has a pretty good presence; she has used the opportunity very well. The first daughter character is lively in her performance.

Anoop Seelin has given melody and peppy tunes to suit the situations. Jagadish Wali is of course ‘Wall’ of this film with very fine cinematography.

K Manju ‘Samarth’ film for family.

Score – 3/5 ***


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