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Posted date: 25 Thu, Apr 2019 12:56:57 PM

A multi talented Monesh Badiger has come up with a meaningful cinema via ‘Soojidhara’. It is evident from his approach, trailer and songs besides the conduct of detail program of audio event at Sri Chamundesware Studio on Tuesday evening. The film ‘Sooji Daara’ is all set for release on 10th of May 2019.

Without the presence of lovely heroine of the film Haripriya the audio event was held at the presence of Sridhar Heggodu on wheel chair was touching. He was once like a tiger in Heggodu Ninasam. He with his brother Digvijay composed songs for the film. Two of the compositions were made available to the eyes and ears on audio release day.

I am not here to give message. I am here to give new experience. This has no connection to other language film. It is a Pakka Kannada film. It is based on Indrakumar short story. The day today activity is stitched in the screenplay. The hero traveling various places comes to Chitradurga where he meets Haripriya. Both jell well in the coming reels you have to watch on screen. Sridhar Heggodu and Digvijay accepting to compose the songs is my fortune. My long time friend Ninasam Satish as guest to release audio is happy moment of life says Mounesh Badiger.

From villain role to hero is the journey of Yashwanth Shetty. From ‘Jwalantham’ to ‘Sooji Daara’ he has good skill that we have seen from his works. Explaining the ‘Bachanige scene…director alerting him that it is not a sharp edge weapon …it is a hair comb on the spot erupted laughter in the auditorium.

‘Binna Shadja’ that is Sridhar Heggodu ailing on wheel chair with his brother Digvijay done five songs and one of which is album song. Vikram Hathwar has written lyrics. One of the producers from Udupi Abhijit Kotegeri has acted in a small role while Mangaluru based Sachindra Nayak is joint investor of the film.

Sujatha Vishukumar and BM Giriraj guest at the audio release event.

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