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The legendary singer and humble human being Dr SP Balasubramanyam inaugurated the newly constructed LOOP Entertainment studio situated at Nagarabhavi Circle on Saturday morning in Bengaluru.


It is Rs.10 crore worth land, building, equipments of four floors studio ‘Loop Entertainment’ evolved by renowned music director, director, comedy actor Sadhu Kokila and his son Suraag.


Dr SPB arrived to the third floor to inaugurate the studio and he delivered a song on goddess Saraswathi…later came to know how it was recorded in another room.


I have special love for Sadhu Kokila because he is an extraordinary composer. He was always remembered by me that he should concentrate in music. I have delivered the song in his music direction from a long time. Knowing his ability I used to pressure him to music. He should not leave his original work. It is only music that gives utmost satisfaction. There are several people in music but a few get such opportunities. I have got ‘Athma Trupti’ in singing. In fact I am student for music directors like Sadhu Kokila. He may say that I am his guru. But a singer is always under the umbrella of a music director admitted Dr SPB.


Music will be like Bhagavanthana Saakshaatkaara for some people. Many a time the joy of this music comes in tears. It reminds ‘Manushyatva’ mentioned Dr SPB.


On this occasion Dr SPB called upon on saving water. Every drop of water is not ours. It is God given. We have to use it with care. Please follow this for good environment around us and for next generation he added.


Sadhu Kokila remembering his Madras days said he used to watch at one side to look at Dr SPB coming out from recording room. Dr SPB has given more Kannada songs in all forms in his Guinness record for singing. From his songs the language has awakened many a times felt Sadhu Kokila. Music has no language reacted SPB quickly.


Suraag son of Sadhu Kokila said this Loop Entertainment music studio has facilities like VFX, 5.1 sound, dubbing, Mixing and mastering, DTS mix, editing, color grading. This is a gift to my father Sadhu Kokila. I want my father to utilize the studio for his music composition. It is two years of setting up work. Audible company has taken one year for construction of studio. The interiors itself took six months. Joni Harha joined me for good support. In case a producer comes up with hard disc of his film, he can go with first print of his film assured Suraag.


Joni Harsha present on the occasion said this studio has all the latest system to prepare a good cinema in cinema halls.

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