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‘Sprouter’ the new app arrives in the international market with some top qualities. It is a discovery of 20 years young American Daniel Everist a college student of St Thomas, Minnesota.

The new app ‘Sprouter’ is the one that connects all social media accounts – Face Book, Instagram, Twitter, Snapshot, Linkedin, Spotify, Pinterest and VSCO. The strength of Daniel Everist is not yet approved by 1.3 billion ‘What’s App’ management.

Through Sprouter any user can share their sprouter user name and give access to multiple accounts. Daniel Everist a student of Indian professor in chemistry Mr Manoj Patil was very cautious to disclose his discovery. After all his friends vacated the surroundings he opened the lap tap to disclose his new thought. Impressed with the discovery Manoj Patil further encouraged.

The result of such encouragement of his student has finally paid ‘Guru Dakshine’. Manoj Patil is the ‘Sprouter’ brand director of operations and on ‘Sprouter’ team. It took three months finally for Daniel Everist to lock the new discovery. Daniel Uncle John maker of movie ‘Valley of Bones’ for Sony has liked this concept and helped in higher scale of this ‘Sprouter’.

It is exactly after one year ‘Sprouter’ is reality and available on Google Play and the App Store. This Sprouter is for all teenage, students, businessmen and others very conducive to operate. It is ‘Bazaar of Social Media’ says Manoj Patil addressing the media at the Shangrila Hotel on Saturday night.

There is no other app like this in the world. It is available on Apple, Android and other tools. Apple took lot of time to scrutinize on the operating system and finally approved great work of Daniel Everist.

‘Sprouter’ is the new app of this generation, the privacy aspects are also well taken care of.  Grow your network and it is easy platform called ‘Sprouter’ that connects people in a quick spa of time.

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